Synchrono Talks IIoT in New Article Focused on Engineer to Order Manufacturers

John Maher, Vice President of Product Strategy at Synchrono, Inc., and manufacturing journalist Thomas R. Cutler recently discussed the evolution of manufacturing technology in the recent IOT Now publication. Demand-driven manufacturing is a process which describes production that is based on actual customer demand with the aim to synchronize everything (workforce, method, materials, machines, and information) in order to drive flow. This process is accelerated by technology that automates, digitizes data, and connects every function within the demand-driven organization (as well as every layer of the supply chain).

The Internet of Things refers to connectivity between products and systems across nearly every aspect of life. This concept within the manufacturing industry, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) represents the ability to collect, analyze, and share data about materials, machines, and processes in the production environment, in real-time.

Manufacturing equipment, products, planning, and execution systems are more connected, allowing the people that use them to see what is really going on as it happens. The synchronized factory enabled by IIoT is able to visualize and effectively overcome obstacles and bottlenecks that once prevented and disguised true priorities.

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IoT Now covers all industries using machine-to-machine communications (fixed line & wireless) for business-to-business users and consumers’ connected devices. These industries include: automotive, energy & water utilities, fleet management & telematics, healthcare, manufacturing, retail & vending, security & access control, telecoms, and transport & logistics.

About Synchrono

Synchrono ( demand-driven manufacturing software synchronizes complex manufacturing environments in real-time, to drive business results.

For almost twenty years, Synchrono systems has helped discrete manufacturers, engineer-to-order manufacturers, and others manage constraints, improve flow and drive on-time production.

When integrated under the Synchrono Demand-Driven Manufacturing Platform, lean and demand-driven initiatives are taken to new levels of excellence, transforming businesses by synchronizing people, processes, machines, materials, and data to drive production flow from order inception to delivery.

The award winning Synchrono Demand-Driven Manufacturing Platform includes five system components, including a planning, scheduling, and production management system and ekanban software for real-time inventory replenishment and supply chain collaboration. The Synchrono Platform has a unique a data collection, historian, and automated workflow engine along with an application that generates automatic alerts, escalation and action plans to minimize disruptions. Perhaps most importantly, this technology provides a real-time visual factory information system.   Everyone at every level of a manufacturing organization has access to one version of the truth with a dynamic view of what is happening at every stage of the manufacturing process; from order inception through production and delivery.

The Platform components may be implemented independently or collectively to enable the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and an unprecedented foundation for communication, collaboration, and continuous improvement. The value proposition of Synchrono allows for the simultaneous exchange of data across systems and resources, the ability to respond to constraints and changes in demand as they occur, and to predict, pre-empt, and prioritize issues.

Synchrono delivers a competitive edge. Follow the Demand-Driven Matters blog at and follow Synchrono on Twitter at @Synchrono_News.

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