Sylvia Stern appreciates Mother Nature in new poetry collection for children

Retired school teacher and poet, Sylvia Stern, celebrates the sky, sun, clouds, and the moon, in “Dancing with the Moon and the Stars”

Sylvia Stern has released “Dancing with the Moon and the Stars,” an amazing collection of children poetry written for the reading pleasure of not just younger children but also beginning readers. The author of the book aims to show the beauty of the sky and everything in it, consequently celebrating nature with her readers in a fun and entertaining way.

Children’s books including poetry collections have gone a long way in helping children to master the skills of reading in a fun and exciting way, taking away the boredom associated with reading. However, while such literature has continued to help readers develop their reading skills, many of the available books seem to have neglected one of the major purposes of children literature, which is teaching readers the importance of appreciating life. This is where Sylvia Stern is looking to make a difference in her poetry collection.

Titled “Dancing with the Moon and the Stars,” the book is for readers between the ages of 3 and 12 and it includes poetry about insects, colors, seasons and different foods. The poetry contained in the book is positive and specifically written to bring smiles and laughs to every reader. Celebrating what is in the sky from clouds and sun and the moon and the precipitation falling from it, the book also in full and lively color and words are printed in an easy to read form. This makes it particularly attractive to young readers and even adults.

Sylvia pours her experience into the book as she shares the time she spends with clouds by talking to them, riding one of them and tasting the sky. She laughs with the rain and dances with the stars while spying on autumn fairies painting the trees and travels with the leaves as they fall.

“Dancing with the Moon and the Stars” is a beautiful illustration of the world in different colors even to the extent of imagining pulling a tooth from a crocodile and living through it. These amazing events and other wonderful imaginations are contained in the book in full-color illustrations.

The Kindle and Paperback versions of “Dancing with the Moon and the Stars” is currently available on Amazon for readers across the globe.

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