Syan Technologies Limited Introduces New Payment Option

Hong Kong based Syan Techologies, manufacturers of the Vega Bitcoin Miner, the Vega 2S Litecoin Miner and the recently announced X11 based Vega 3X Dash Miner, have introduced a new payment method to their web-based payment system. As of now, Syan Technologies’ products can be purchased with Dash as well as the already incorporated Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and conventional wire transfer payments.

Speaking from the company’s offices in Hong Kong, Koji Tanaka, Chief Technology Officer of Syan’s parent company the Zahrani Group, said “Effective immediately we are accepting Dash payments against all our products. As we are now manufacturing what will be the fastest and most efficient X11 mining machines on the market and therefore have a vested interest in the Dash network we feel it would be hypocritical not to support the currency by accepting it in our online store. Many other manufacturers still only accept payment in Bitcoin; we believe that cryptocurrencies are the future, and if we can bring that future a little closer by promoting the proliferation of cryptocurrencies, then that is precisely what we should be doing. On a less esoteric note, we obviously want to make it as easy as possible for our customers to buy our machines. As of today we are in a position to accept Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Dash and – because we understand and are sensitive to the legitimate concerns of some of our customers regarding pre-sale payments in general –  traditional U.S. Dollar wire transfer payments via an independent escrow agent who guarantees to hold the funds securely until delivery has been confirmed by the customer.”

Syan have recently announced the third machine in the Vega series – the Vega 3X Home Dash Miner, which will incorporate the same revolutionary 14nm technology as the first two Vega machines. Delivery of the first two Vega machines – the Vega Home Bitcoin Miner and the Vega 2S Home Litecoin Miner – is on schedule to begin early in the new year.

Syan Technologies are a Hong Kong based designer and producer of digital currency mining machines and FinTech, currently focusing on the release of their Vega Home Currency Mining series. They comprise a dedicated and highly motivated team of designers, technicians and mathematicians of diverse backgrounds – from as far afield as California, London, Sweden, Russia and Vietnam – with just one thing in common; they aim to design and produce the most cost-efficient and durable ASIC mining machines in the world.

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