SWTOR Community Is About To Be Reassigned And Elevated: Get Ready To Rise Above its Previous Limits

Star War: The Old Republic as a famous MMORPG title in the world, its developers have seemingly been neglecting proper interaction with the game’s community and some of the players felt left out. Is it a deliberate oversight or unintended collateral damage? What’re the latest movements SWTOR community conducted? Let’s move on and take a look at.
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SWTOR, as short for Star War: The Old Republic, is the worldwide renowned MMORPG with recognized as “the Largest Entertainment Voice over Project ever” by Guinness World Records with over 200,000 lines of recorded dialogues. Currently, it’s estimated that the game has around 50K monthly players although there is no official statistics to support the statement. The active subscribers of SWTOR community sort of validates the persistent vitality of this game, after all, it’s been eight years since its debut in 2011. However, the community didn’t content with the scale or its independence, now they want to share the dinner table with Robert Crawley and his families, just like some distant daydreams from certain servants in Downton Abbey.

The Community already had its own spokesman standing for the ambition and righteous appeals. A few days ago, there was a petition-ish post published on the SWTOR official website, appealing for community-related contents on the forum and this website instead of overall developers’ monologues. Essentially, they were calling for more attention and reservations in the official bulletin board for any videos, walkthroughs, critiques about the SWTOR community events generated by the community members. 

Knowing when they are and having a link to them (after in case you miss it) would be awesome and would be community news. Some guilds and other community members hold in-game events. ie OWPVP, Role Play, Strong Hold reviews or Achievements. If they could work with you far enough in advance, you could add that to the community news. Anyway, they’re just somethings that come to mind that differentiates the community news section from the news section because it’s about the community instead of just news on what the dev team or game is doing.

As with the manifesto declaring “about the community instead of news on developments or the game”, the developers’ reps of SWTOR, in a move unexpected, claimed that these changes are mostly approved by the developers and they have been working on to enforce them lately. Regardless of a few restrictions, the developers of this game believe they are able to pull the community-appealed requests off in this regard soon. 

Earlier Before this post, someone, who was also believed a hardcore player of SWTOR and its community member, filed for a complaint to developers saying that the procrastination of updating community news section on the official website was definitely more of a belittlement than an oversight. The complaint paper showed that the latest Community news on there is a roadmap from 2017. To clarify the situation, developers’ rep specifically stressed that “mimic what we post in the news feed” is “pointless” so that sticking at not updating the Community news for a long time, by contrast, is more admissible. He also stated that this issue has been made to the list.   Let’s venture to guess if the improvements were made true, and a highly engaged community and a news section with more community-related contents have been built up, would these do any good to the game and its development at all? That will accelerate the development or help players garner more SWTOR Credits in the game? We highly doubt it. It isn’t a secret that the development of SWTOR for Bioware has been at a low ebb, and even if there were some updates released, they were always accused of highly frequent duplications of previous contents. Some critics described the future of SWTOR as “grim”. Whatever SWTOR will be shaped into, I am sure there is little harmlessness to forge a healthier and wider connection to the game’s community and its active players for any MMORPGs.   

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