Swcnts Single Walled Carbon Nanotubes Work Better As Hydrogen Storage Material

Hydrogen has attracted much attention because of its abundant resources, renewable, high thermal efficiency, pollution-free and carbon-free emission. The key to the promotion of hydrogen energy lies in how to store hydrogen.
Here we collect some info on nano hydrogen storage material as below:

1. The first discovered metal palladium, 1 volume of palladium can dissolve hundreds of volumes of hydrogen, but palladium is expensive, lacking practical value.

2. The range of hydrogen storage materials is increasingly expanding to alloys of transition metals. For example, bismuth nickel intermetallic compounds have the property of reversible absorption and release of hydrogen:

Each gram of bismuth nickel alloy can store 0.157 liters of hydrogen, which can be re-released by heating slightly. LaNi5 is a nickel-based alloy. The iron-based alloy can be used as a hydrogen storage material with TiFe, and can absorb and store 0.18 liters of hydrogen per gram of TiFe. Other magnesium-based alloys, such as Mg2Cu, Mg2Ni, etc., are relatively inexpensive.

3. Carbon nanotubes have good thermal conductivity, thermal stability and excellent hydrogen absorption properties. They are good additives for Mg-based hydrogen storage materials.

Single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWCNTS) have a promising application in the development of hydrogen storage materials under new energy strategies.  The results show that the maximum hydrogenation degree of carbon nanotubes depends on the diameter of carbon nanotubes.

For the single-walled carbon nanotube-hydrogen complex with a diameter of about 2 nm, the hydrogenation degree of carbon nanotube-hydrogen composite is almost 100% and the hydrogen storage capacity by weight is more than 7% through the formation of reversible carbon-hydrogen bonds, and it is stable at room temperature.  

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