Swag Kennels Inc. Becomes Number One American Bully Kennel in the US According to Forbes Magazine

In a recent publication by Forbes Magazine, Swag Kennels Inc. was mentioned as the number one American Bully kennel in the United States alongside five other kennels making the list

Forbes Magazine has released a publication which reviews the top five American Bully kennels in the United States. In the publication, Swag Kennels was mentioned in top spot as one of the best American Bully kennels, providing Americans quality XL/XXL American Bully puppies. Swag Kennels used the opportunity to buttress its commitment of becoming a choice destination for the best American Bully kennels in the United States. A lot of celebrities, NFL, NBA players chose to buy puppies from Swag Kennels because of the dog quality and reputation of the business

Swag Kennels was top on the list because of their expertise in raising XL/XXL American Bully puppies. Another characteristic that was cited as one of the kennel’s qualities is their affordable pricing. It is no surprise why Swag Kennels is the number one American Bully kennel. 

Swag Kennels breeds dogs that can be considered family. They are popular for their world-famous two-faced Merle American bully, Phantom. “Getting recognized by Forbes Magazine is a unique honor for us and it proves we are on track in our mission to provide the best of American Bully puppies,” explained a spokesperson for the company. “As dog owners, we understand our dog is not just our companion or best friend but also part of the family. It is without saying that you cannot find a loyal friend and companion from any dick and harry but from a trusted dog breeder and seller such as Swag Kennels. We breed and sell the best and high-quality American Bully breeds at Swag Kennels. In choosing the right American Bully for you, Swag Kennels is the place to seek.”

Swag Kennel is happy to offer healthy and strong Pitbull American bully puppies from the best XL/XXL American bully bloodlines. Customers can buy a Lilac tri-Pitbull, blue Pitbull, champagne Pitbull, black Pitbull, chocolate Pitbull, merle Pitbull, and blue nose Pitbull. American bully Pitbull puppies from Swag Kennels have the best XXL Pitbull blood and the best family temperament. All puppies from Swag Kennels are muscular, strong, athletic, loyal, and extremely friendly with kids.

To learn more about Swag Kennels’ American bully puppies, please visit www.swagkennels.com and reach out via Instagram.

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