SVGator: Making It Easy For Anyone To Create Custom Animations

SVGator: Making It Easy For Anyone To Create Custom Animations
Use SVGator’s CSS loader generator to create your own loading animations in no time. Easily create and animate your preloader in one place.
SVGator is a user-friendly design and animation platform that empowers anyone to effortlessly create animated logos, illustrations, and more within its intuitive interface. Ideal for beginners and seasoned professionals alike, SVGator is a free vector graphics software that you can also use to transform static designs into engaging and captivating animations with just a few clicks.

SVGator is a motion design industry-favorite tool for creating animated logos, UI elements, explainer videos, branding illustrations, interactive user experiences on the web and on mobile, and much more. Users have all the graphic design tools and advanced animators available directly in the browser, with no downloads or installs required. A major selling point of SVGator is that it is an easy-to-use design tool that has a minimal learning curve. With this free vector graphics software, you can bring designs to life, and create eye-catching interactive dynamic animations without writing any code.

Create Custom Animations

SVGator is designed to make it easy for individual users and professional teams to design and create animations on the web. Within the tool’s WYSIWYG interface, you can edit imported SVG projects, or create your own custom designs from scratch. You can then jump straight into animating with the software’s keyframe animation interface. Users can control the speed, timing and easing functions assigned to each animated element, which means it’s easy to create complex animated effects within minutes. The tool also has lots of shortcuts you can take advantage of (deleting, duplicating or moving keyframes), allowing you to save even more time in the design process.

SVGator also comes with reliable customer support options to help users make the most out of the tool’s features. Users have access to a well-documented help center section, plenty of video tutorials, and a dedicated email address for custom solutions to any inquiry. These support options can be very helpful for beginners who are not yet familiar with the tool’s capabilities. The support team consistently responds in a timely manner.

Users will also find that SVGator comes with an intuitive UI (user interface) that makes it easy for anyone to use the animation tool with ease. SVGator’s official website provides resources in its blog section to help animators find tips and tricks that they can use to create their desired animation effects.

The entire design and animation process can be done from start to finish without ever leaving the tool’s UI. Users have full control over their projects, and can even drag and drop ready-made assets from the tool’s asset library. These assets are fully customizable in SVGator’s editor, so you can change the colors to make them match your brand, for example.

Elevate User Interfaces With Performance-Friendly Animations

SVGator’s no-code animation features are a perfect ally to any UI/UX designer who wants to improve the usability, accessibility, and overall effectiveness of their UI designs. You can create and animate CSS preloaders that conceal loading times, app splash screens that reinforce brand awareness, micro-interactions that can help users navigate your website or app better, and more.

Scalable vector graphics are by default a format that’s lightweight, infinitely scalable, responsive, and future-proof. An animated CSS loader made with SVGator can be as small as 3Kb in size, loading at lightning speed and working its magic to entertain users as the system processes a request.

About SVGator

SVGator has established itself as a design industry leader in providing users with a full-featured platform to create SVG animations. The tool is simple to use, as it does not require code writing.

The team of professionals behind SVGator is always on standby, ready to assist users with the animation process. You can get an answer from their customer support reps, or find immediate guidance by browsing through their tutorials and videos. The how-to articles on their blog and the video guides on their YouTube channel are created with beginners in mind, which means they are super easy to follow.

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