Suzanne Harmony Helps Readers With Self-Healing In Her New Book – WTF: Willing To Forgive

Best Selling Author, Suzanne Harmony, chronicles how she found peace and harmony through forgiveness in a new book titled “WTF: Willing To Forgive”

Suzanne Harmony recently released a new book titled WTF: Willing To Forgive. The popular author brings her readers a guidebook that narrates the author’s experience surviving a hellish journey, which caused her to imbibe the spirit of forgiveness. Suzanne shares her life journey with the hope of inspiring millions of people across the globe to find peace through forgiveness. Suzanne is gifting the Kindle version of the book to readers, with the offer open from January 20th – 24th, 2021.

Holding a grudge can be likened to a burden that weighs an individual down and inhibits them from moving forward. Finding the strength to forgive is easier said than done without any feeling of guilt. The book contains carefully designed exercises to guide readers through the process of forgiveness at their pace. Consequently, Suzanne Harmony is looking to make a difference in people’s lives through her new book WTF: Willing To Forgive.

WTF: Willing To Forgive sees the author trying to fit in on one side and justifying the horrific journey she survived on the other, where she reexamined her “WTF” life. Suzanne details how her desire for a better life led to her exploring different healing modalities, offering a comprehensive guide that includes the process, practices, and guidelines used to transit from a victim to an empowered, loving, light-being free of shame, guilt, and fear.

The Paperback and Kindle editions of WTF are currently available on Amazon for readers across the globe.

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Suzanne Harmony is an international bestselling author, Reiki Master, podcaster, psychic, and medium, using every possible platform to empower others. She is famous for numerous speaking engagements, newspaper and magazine articles, podcasts, and French and English radio and television interviews. The loving grandmother of four has written multiple bestselling books, including “Leap of Faith…From Fear to Fulfillment” and “Because I Didn’t Tell.” She also has four collaborative books with As You Wish Publishing – “Inspirations, 101 Uplifting Stories for Daily Happiness,” “When Angels Speak,” “The Grateful Soul,” and “Everyday Hope,” as she continues to inspire change one word and one page at a time.

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