Sustainable, Ultimate, One-stop Solution: Capture CO2 to Produce Green Methanol

Methanol is one of the most important raw material for the chemical, construction and plastics industries, but the conventional production process using fossil fuel is not particularly green.

Engine Carbon Clear offers a climate-friendly green solution by synthesizing renewable methanol from hydrogen and carbon dioxide captured from emissions. Takes decarbonization into a new revolutionary level.

On Nov. 24, Engine Carbon Clear signed $50M investment from Go Green Capital Corp., a Canadian green technology investment firm. The investment will be used to develop CO2 capture+hydrogen-to-methanol technologies and demo facility, a further extension of the planned geothermal power plant.

The green methanol could be used in a broad range of chemical products such as polymer fibres, plastics for packaging, glues, adsorbents/diapers, paints, adhesives, solvents and much more.

Methanol can also serve as a fuel or fuel additive, and can be added to conventional liquid fuels or used to fuel 100% methanol-based drive systems.

Comparing to liquified hydrogen, MCH and ammonia approach in hydrogen storage and transportation, CO2-to-methanol offers much cleaner process management, the lowest cost and investment, the highest overall net decarbonaization, minimum energy loss and the highest energy application efficiency.

Engine Carbon Clear and Go Green Capital Corp. will continue efforts to work with the best scientists and investors in the world to develop true green technologies for a better human future.

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