Sustainable Studios Announces Crowdfunding Campaign to Bring Exercise Floors That Convert Movement Into Electricity to Market

It’s no secret the benefits dance, cardio and other movement-based exercise deliver to enthusiasts. In an eye-opening innovation, Sustainable Studios has crafted technology that can also make this kind of activity benefit communities – through creating electricity from special Sustainable Studios floors. An Indiegogo campaign was recently announced to bring the first run of the sustainable project to life.

January 10, 2017 – Sustainable energy is an issue that’s important to a large number of people for a long list of very important reasons.  This interest has inspired quite creative outreaches in the area, all in the hopes of making the world a more ecologically sound place.  Enter Sustainable Studios, a new fitness based venture, who have taken this cause to heart and come up with an innovative and unique way to help – flooring for exercise studios where movement produces electricity, which can then be used to give back to cut waste and give back to communities in a very real way.  In exciting news, the company recently announced the launch of a new crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to bring the first run of Sustainable Studios floors to the world, opening the doors to enthusiasts being able to build their fitness levels, while giving back to the environment.  Early excitement surrounding the project is very high.

“The idea for our floors is something I’ve been working on for a long time and it’s a dream come true to see the project come to life,”  commented Don Waldron, an acclaimed fitness expert, non-profit fitness activist and founder of the company.  “I think Sustainable Studios can definitely help make the world a better place – while helping people obtain their dream bodies and levels of fitness.  It’s a total win/win.”

According to Sustainable Studios, every time a person goes to one of the studio’s exciting and results producing group classes, not only will they be burning calories and becoming more fit, but their movement will also be building up real wattage that is sent back into the electric grid, for any number of real world uses.  Sustainable Studios floors will help power lights, play music, charge cell phones, provide electricity for televisions and much, much more.

The crowdfunding campaign has set a goal of $45,000 to bring the first Sustainable Studio to life.  Depending on donation size, a long list of fun and functional perks have been set up to thank donors for their much-needed help and for their effort to make the world a better place.

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