Susan Marie Kelley gifts the world a guide to self-discovery in her new book

Motivational writer, Susan Kelley, puts up her new book titled “Susan’s Mystical Adventure: Coming Home To Your Light” for free as she looks to help people discover their purpose

Susan Marie Kelley is known for her inspirational pieces as she uses her unique writing talent to change the lives of millions of people across the globe. In a similar vein, the author is set to launch another book titled “Susan’s Mystical Adventure: Coming Home To Your Light.” It is even more amazing that the Kindle version of the upcoming book will be available for free on April 21st, 2020 for interested readers across the world.

The journey to self-discovery seems to have become longer than it used to, no thanks to the increasing number of factors that easily influence people’s thoughts and actions. Consequently, people tend to find it difficult to break out of the shell and express themselves as they want. While there are several motivational guides and pieces authored to help people manifest their potentials, many of such resources are not easy to relate with. Susan is consequently looking to change the narrative by taking readers by the hand and guiding them through her journey to self-discovery.

Published by As You Wish Publishing, the book chronicles the adventures of Susan’s triumph over obstacles that would have ordinarily made it impossible for her to manifest her divine calling. Susan aims to help readers discover how to manifest their desire, focusing their intentions, and using the natural laws to their benefit, using her personal experience. The book will also help readers to express their inner desires while providing tested techniques of finding their way to the divine source.

The Kindle version of “Susan’s Mystical Adventure: Coming Home To Your Light” will be available as a special gift for free on April 21st, 2020 on Amazon.

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About Susan Marie Kelley

Susan Marie Kelley started writing as a hobby and never ever considered writing a book until her heavenly guides urged, encouraged, and finally let it be known. She uses writing to express herself on paper in a mystical zone, allowing beautiful insights to flow through. She has gone on to author a couple of inspirational books such as Ravens in the Back Yard and Spirits in the Living Room.

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