Survey reveals what’s most important to Americans when choosing an online Canadian Pharmacy

Survey reveals what’s most important to Americans when choosing an online Canadian Pharmacy

Canada Cloud Pharmacy, an online pharmacy in Vancouver, Canada, have unveiled the results of their ‘Online Canadian Pharmacy Survey’ aimed at deciphering what the average American buyer is looking for in a ‘good Canadian pharmacy’.

Patients were asked how they chose their online pharmacy by ranking five key parameters in order of importance. The five criteria, as explained to all survey participants include:

Source – Where the medication is shipped from and who regulates the manufacturer of the medication. Source also considers whether the company selling the medication is a legitimate pharmacy or an intermediary website drop shipping medication from several different countries.

Price – Quite self-explanatory, the price is the bottom line to be paid for the medication including any shipping costs or additional fees associated.

Speed of delivery – With large differences in the online prescription industry of the time taken to receive an order, how important is the speed at which you receive your medication?

Payment Options – The different payment options available to customers when purchasing their prescription medication online, for example, the option to pay with credit cards, checks or PayPal.

User friendly website interface – Encompassing how easy it is to place an order and to communicate with the company through their website. It also looks at whether the website has an online patient portal to manage refills, update information and view order history.

According to the survey, 83% of buyers believe that the source of their medication is the number one most important factor in choosing an online pharmacy. As many patients emphasized, it is often not clear where a medication is being shipped from, where it is made and who regulates its manufacturer when buying prescription medications online. Websites are often set up to purposely conceal or mislead the origins of a product, attempting to lure would-be buyers with lower prices, a practice more and more American patients are becoming wise to. The results are in and it is beyond clear that US patients need peace of mind, through complete transparency, when ordering prescription drugs online. It is important, essential even, for these patients to find an affordable source for their medication but, this affordability should not come with a compromise in the safety or efficacy of the medication they buy.

“The only way a buyer can really guarantee the safety and efficacy of a medication being sold online is by verifying the source. The source tells us everything,” said Pavan Dhillon, Pharmacy manager at Cloud Pharmacy ( “When your medication is coming directly from Canada, for example, it will be regulated by Health Canada, which has a reputation for the highest standards of regulations and quality control, standards, unfortunately, lacking in other countries.”

Key Survey Findings:

‘Source’ was by far the biggest swaying factor when choosing an online pharmacy, with 83% choosing it as the number one factor and 89% stating that the source was more important than the price, the second most important factor. ‘Price’ but at what cost. When comparing website to website, buyers admit they focus more on other parameters than price alone. Indeed many shoppers indicated that extremely low prices raise eyebrows to the validity of the medication.

The ‘speed of shipping’ was the ultimate factor for some patient and less significant to others. Patients that needed the medication stat where searching for somewhere that ship their medication as quick as overnight. Others had been ordering medication online for some time and thus knew to order in advance. All of the patients surveyed considered speed of delivery to be important, with many pointing out they would be worried if their order took over 2 weeks to arrive.

37% of patients ranked ‘payment options’ in the top three most influential factors. This confusing statistic is understood when realizing that the majority of patients want to use their credit cards when shopping online for prescription drugs, a practice that the vast majority of sites do not allow.

Two more factors were frequently mentioned by patients when asked if there are other factors they used to choose an online pharmacy. 5% mentioned website security (having a secure url) and 6% stated that their chosen pharmacy would have to have a physical location that permits patient visits to pick up medication in store.

“The results were not surprising. Nobody wants to overpay for a medication, that’s exactly why [patients] are going online in the first place,” said Pavan, the head pharmacist at Canada Cloud Pharmacy. “But patients understand that price points can often denote quality and are happy to pay the extra if it means having their medication filled at a real Canadian Pharmacy where they are sure of the regulations in place.”

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