Supermarkets and Hotels Boost Their ‘Green’ Credentials with Organic BRC Coffee

With rapid ongoing expansions to 500 plus locations, growing across the United States, 2018 makes Organic Coffee Chain Best Roast Coffee (BRC) a prime target for an acquisition for JAB — who are building a global coffee empire and recently acquired Pete’s Coffee, Panera Bread, Noah’s Bagels, and Krispy Kreme among others. BRC has Coffee Kiosks ranging from 3 feet to 7 feet inside big box grocery chains and Hotels, offering an alternative solution’s to existing Starbucks kiosks.

Innovative company, Best Roast Coffee (BRC) already famous for the use of a unique “magnetized earth water” that improves the health benefits of water and taste of coffee and tea beverages, is now helping supermarkets and hotel chains boost their “green” credentials with their USDA organic “certified carbon-free coffee” using a planet friendly roasting process that will attract the all-important millennial market.

Companies are looking for the secrets of how to attract the booming market sector of consumers known as millennials — generally agreed to be those people born in the early 1980s to the early 2000s — and BRC has the answer with its emission-free roasting process. Conventional large scale coffee companies use traditional drum roasting for cooking their coffee beans, a process that cooks the coffee bean from the outside. The process uses an open flame, creating excessive amounts of smoke and gas in the roasting process. The coffee beans touch a hot surface, comparable to a steak burning as the steak is in contact with a BBQ plate triggering carcinogens. After the drum roast process the coffee regardless of if the coffee bean is burnt, the bean is then ground up, to make coffee beverages, like drip coffee or espresso and latte’s. This traditional roasting process not only taints the flavor of the final coffee product, it also contributes significant amounts of harmful carbon and gas into the atmosphere.

“Our process is much more sophisticated, modern roasting technology” said BRC’s CEO Jason Roe. In contrast, to the high-emitting competitors, and large scale coffee providers BRC uses what Mr. Roe describes as “innovative agitation” a unique process that agitates beans suspended in hot air in a vacuum sealed chamber. The coffee beans do not touch hot metal in this new roasting process. The modern sophisticated roasting process creates a more uniformly even roast of the coffee bean. Smoke and gas is also extracted by a vacuum in the roasting process, keeping fumes away from the coffee beans.

This means when consumers seek out a cup of Best Roast Coffee for their daily coffee, not only does it taste great, it reduces their environmental footprint. This has already proven a winning way for retailers proudly serving BRC coffee to attract millennials into their retail outlets, the consumers who buy based on their commitment to Earth and environmental beliefs. The innovation’s combine with large millennials following from its innovations are the reasons that major supermarket chains and hotel groups are racing to host a BRC coffee Kiosk in their retail outlet.  BRC allows for a retail outlet to self-brand the coffee Bar with a 3 to 7 feet footprint serving a full organic coffee tea program. With more coffee kiosks set to Sprout up all  over the United States in 2018 as the largest big box grocery chains seek to attract the healthy living consumer, and fail coffee drinker a sector that spent over 32billion PA in USA on daily joe into their big box Grocery chain or Hotel.

BRC is not only innovative with its processes, it’s a very innovative business model too. BRC is the only coffee company the USA that does not sell its trade secret formula blend of coffee beans, or any coffee beans to a retail consumer.  A retail outlet has to use the BRC nominated equipment, process and procedures in order to be approved by BRC to purchase the well-guarded BRC secret blend of Coffee.  BRC coffee can only be purchased as a finish made beverage at retail locations, using the BRC formula of coffee beans and BRC processes. It forces the cups per day coffee drinker into the Supermarkets, retail shops, or Hotel coffee kiosks serving organic BRC coffee. Mr. Roe says “This strategy has the additional benefit of attracting the daily coffee drinker into a retail shop, the coffee drinker may traditional not choose to shop. Such a circumstance creates an expanded customer base for the retailer, and further potential sales opportunities”.  BRC  controls quality and experience,  every cup is made the best it can be, using magnetized water and BRC nominated professional espresso equipment, all programmed to BRC trade secrets and specifications.

Mr. Roe compared Best Roast coffee company to how KFC shields its secret herbs and spices from consumers and will only sell its chicken and coating in-store rather than for people to make at home. This approach means consumers have to come to a location serving BRC to enjoy their healthy organic and environmentally friendly coffee. Mr. Roe has for years enjoyed success using novel approaches to capture more and more of the booming coffee market, and serves as a CEO mentor to graduates of the University College London Top 5 University of the World. Mr Roe, is also a humanitarian and author, under a pen name, of the top-selling book on Amazon in over 90 countries “The Force Is In You” The book teaches the human the value of who they are and elaborates further on Magnetized Earth Water and the human being’s connection to the Earth and its magnet field connected to a Humans magnetic DNA.

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