Superintendent’s Trivia Skills Put to Test on Magic 92.5 FM Radio

“Dr. Escobedo on set with Jagger and Kristi”

Chula Vista Elementary School District Superintendent Francisco Escobedo, Ed.D., made a recent appearance on the “Jagger and Kristi Show” on Magic 92.5 FM Radio. Dr. Escobedo was put to the test in a game of trivia called $1,000 Minute. If Dr. Escobedo answered 10 trivia questions correctly in 60 seconds during the live radio segment, he stood to win $1,000.

The segment tested Dr. Escobedo’s knowledge of everything from texting lingo to Marvel movie characters. He was questioned about what the acronym SMH means and what the name of the green girl is in Guardians of the Galaxy. All questions many CVESD students knew, as they and school staff may have been shouting correct answers at their radios throughout the South County that morning.

Altogether, the superintendent answered six of 10 correctly. Jagger and Kristi nevertheless awarded $10 dollars for each correct answer, a total of $60, and noted the superintendent was a great sport. Dr. Escobedo pledged to use the funds to assist homeless children at Vista Square Elementary with the purchase of food and clothing.

Dr. Escobedo’s appearance on Jagger and Kristi was part of the District’s enrollment and marketing campaign. Registration began on Wednesday, February 20, when completed packets may be turned in at students’ neighborhood schools. The Chula Vista Elementary School District’s enrollment and marketing campaign has two primary objectives: to help boost enrollment at schools that are struggling with declines, and enhance brand recognition and positive association at a time when public schools are under increasing competitive and fiscal pressures.

The ongoing marketing campaign includes greater outreach regarding registration for Preschool, Transitional Kindergarten, and Kindergarten. Employees also are encouraged to serve as brand ambassadors. Employees are being invited to like, share and comment on District social media posts about enrollment. Likewise, schools are encouraged to tout their success stories, and celebrate what’s right in our local schools.

The radio segment with Dr. Escobedo went so well, the station has invited CVESD principals to take part in a “Principal Challenge” to appear on $1,000 Minute. Families will be allowed to vote for their favorite principal through Thursday, March 14. The principal with the most votes will be announced on Friday, March 15 and appear on-air at 7:05 a.m. on Thursday, March 21.

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