Sunder Lal Hospital & CompuRx partner with Ms. Vashishtha to Revolutionize Healthcare in India

Sunder Lal Hospital & CompuRx partner with Ms. Vashishtha to Revolutionize Healthcare in India
Dr. Anil Vij, Chairman of Dr. Sunder Lal Memorial Hospital, Delhi using the innovative, low cost digital health pad launched in India

“Ms. Ela Vashishtha, innovator of low cost digital health pad launched across India in 2023”

Dr. Sunder Lal Hospital and CompuRx Infotech, a leading medical technology provider, today announced a groundbreaking collaboration with Ms. Ela Vashishtha to utilize her patented medical digital pad and electronic medical record (EMR) system. This innovative partnership aims to transform healthcare delivery across India, particularly in rural communities, by leveraging the power of technology for improved patient care and management.

India faces a significant challenge with a largely paper-based healthcare system, especially in rural areas. This not only hinders access to accurate medical information but also creates logistical hurdles for effective care delivery. Dr. Sunder Lal Hospital and CompuRx Infotech recognize this gap and are committed to bridging it through the implementation of Ms. Vashishtha’s patented technology.

Product Launch in India – Affortable, low cost healtchcare hardware and software 

The digital medical pad, designed as a portable and user-friendly device, empowers healthcare professionals with a multitude of features. It seamlessly stores patient data in an electronic format, eliminating paper-based records and ensuring data accuracy. Additionally, the integrated prescription writing software offers a comprehensive drug database, aiding physicians in making informed medication decisions and minimizing potential errors.

The goal was to build a product and get it out into the real world and learn more on the pricing that consumers would be willing to pay and addition of other essential features to increase its usability. The product that was launched in partnership with CompuRx was also loaded with a prescription writing software that has a full monograph of nearly 3,000 drugs with prescribing information of more than 70,000 brands of Indian pharmaceuticals. In 2023, Ms Vashishta in partnership with CompuRx Infotech successfully piloted the digital pad in various healthcare settings across India, including,

  • Anbu Clinic (Tamil Nadu),
  • Dr. Sunder Lal Memorial Hospital (New Delhi),
  • VIMHANS (New Delhi),
  • Sugalaya Clinic, and
  • Dr. Ravi Chandra Reddy’s Apex IONS (Institute of Neurosciences Hospital).

CompuRx, Sunder Lal Memorial Hospital and other pilot hospitals are pleased to report that the digital pad decreased the prescription completion time to within 2 minutes and provide virtual tele consultation to remote areas. There was an observed 75% reduction in documentation errors when the electronic medical pad was used. Furthermore, within a mere cost of USD 400, the team was able to provide hardware and software integrations to a portable glucometer, ECG machine, and a vital signs equipment kit.

The advancements in elevating patient care standards are a testament to the innovation brought forth by Ms Vashishtha’s work and are also aligned with CompuRx Infotech’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of medical technology.

Moving Forward: A Commitment to Innovation

Dr. Sunder Lal Hospital and CompuRx Infotech remain committed to pushing the boundaries of medical technology in collaboration with Ms. Vashishtha. Plans include:

  • Expanding the pilot program: Reaching more healthcare settings across India, particularly in rural areas, to improve healthcare access and outcomes.
  • Developing new features and functionalities: Continuously innovating the digital pad and EMR system to address evolving needs and enhance user experience.
  • Exploring strategic partnerships: Collaborating with other healthcare stakeholders and government agencies to facilitate wider adoption of the technology and drive systemic change.

This partnership between Dr. Sunder Lal Hospital, CompuRx Infotech, and Ms. Vashishtha represents a significant leap forward in India’s healthcare landscape. By leveraging technology to bridge the digital divide and empower healthcare professionals, they are paving the way for a future of improved patient care, accessibility, and affordability, particularly for underserved communities. This collaboration serves as a beacon of hope for a healthier and more equitable healthcare system for all in India.

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