Sunbury Dental House Provides Gentle Dentistry and Invisalign® Braces

Melbourne, Australia – Feb 25, 2019 – Sunbury Dental House has been serving the area for more than 30 years with an emphasis on gentle dentistry. The dentist provides prevention, protection and restoration services, along with cosmetic dentistry options to assist each patient in achieving their desired look.

“We welcome patients of all ages and invite you to contact us to arrange your next dental appointment,” said Fong. “Our team provides gentle treatment and comprehensive dentistry to support beautiful, healthy smiles.”

Straight teeth are critical for an individual’s appearance and to prevent bite-related problems that places strain on jaw joints. To accomplish that goal, the dental clinic utilizes modern Invisalign Sunbury realignment. The technologically advanced method is completely discreet, allowing individuals to correct their teeth without anyone knowing. Best for older teens and adults, Invisalign® braces eliminate the need for traditional wire and bracket braces.

The Invisalign® method utilizes a series of clear aligners. The technique is appropriate for addressing teeth that are crooked, protruding, or overlapping. They’re equally applicable for individuals with an overbite or underbite. The liners can be removed when eating, drinking hot beverages and performing daily brushing and hygiene.

The dental clinic Gisborne provides a wide range of premium dental services to ensure each patient has the smile they want and deserve. Individuals have access to root canal therapy, fillings, dentures and implants. Porcelain veneers, crowns and bridges are available to preserve existing teeth and prevent surrounding teeth from shifting.

Wisdom teeth can present special problems. They can come in crooked and undesired directions that cause damage to the jawbone, and half erupted wisdom teeth can result in an infection. Sunbury Dental House provides wisdom tooth extractions to ease pain, prevent overcrowding, and eliminate damage to surrounding areas.

Patients can receive treatment for periodontal and gum disease and sleep dentistry is available to relieve stress and anxiety.Teeth whitening services are increasingly popular at the dental clinic to maintain a bright smile. The dentist Diggers Rest also provides children’s dentistry to ensure that teeth are developing correctly and youngsters can eat and speak properly to form the basis for a lifetime of good oral health.

Sunbury Dental House specializes in gentle dentistry for people of all ages. Children’s dentistry aids in preventing problems later in life and the Invisalign® technology provides an easy and painless means of addressing a multitude of conditions.

About Sunbury Dental House

Sunbury Dental House features painless dentistry and multiple services to prevent, restore and beautify smiles. The practice utilizes the latest dental technology and evidence-based methods to provide the highest level of dental care. Digital records eliminate paper documents that can be lost or damaged and digital x-rays emit less radiation than traditional methods. A TV in every room is a convenience that patients enjoy and helps make the time go faster. Connect with the practice on Facebook.

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