Stylez Announces its Beauty Supply and Hair Salon’s Grand Opening Date

After a long wait Stylez has finally announced its Beauty Supply and Hair Salon’s Grand Opening Date. According to the spokesperson of Stylez, they will be hosting the grandopening of their new Beauty Supply and Hair Salon on July 22, 2017.  Stylez has received an amazing response to this announcement and several customers have already booked their first appointment with the expert stylists of Stylez.

“Mark July 22, 2017, on your calendars and please join us at the grand opening of Stylez new Beauty Supply and Hair Salon in Los Angeles. Share this news with your friends and family, and be a part of our grand opening. Our experts would be honored to serve you all with our premium services”, stated the spokesperson of Stylez, while sharing the news of the grand opening of the new Beauty Supply and Hair Salon.

The experts that will be serving the customers have years of experience. They are completely aware of the latest beauty and hair trends and are able to expertly replicate celebrity looks. The salon also promises reliable, good-quality makeup, so the customers can get their favorite makeup looks without worrying about their skin. Apart from that the team of this salon is also widely experienced in installing wigs and weaving hair extensions. 

The team also includes some highly skilled barbers and hair stylists that can expertly style the hair of any length, texture, and volume. The hair studio is fully equipped with the latest hair styling tools and products, this is the reason why the looks that are created by the experts of this salon stands out from other hair studios in Los Angeles.

“Though there are several beauty and hair studios in Los Angeles, what makes us different is that we will focus on giving each customer individual attention to each customer and discuss their requirements comprehensively before starting any beauty or hair procedure. This will ensure that our dear customer goes home completely satisfied with our services and wishes to revisit us. So, with Stylez new Beauty Supply and Hair Salon you can expect nothing but the best for your beauty and hair”, stated the spokesperson of Stylez, while discussing the services of the salon.


Stylez is a beauty supply and hair salon that offers a wide range of service at affordable rates. The team of this salon is highly experienced and trained. For further details, please go to

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