Stuntman water run game receives over 5 million downloads on Google Play

Stuntman water run is a popular game on Google Play store that has received over 5 million downloads from users worldwide. The action-packed game has also received a 5-star rating from more than 13,000 users and stands on an average rating of 3.8 out of 5 stars. Since the time of its launch, this game has gained quite some popularity among the mobile game lovers owing to its exciting gameplay.

Stuntman Water run is a 3D arcade game that features a stuntman who has to run across a variety of obstacles built over water. As the name suggests, the stuntman in this game has to run over open waters overcoming the thrilling hurdles and move up the next level to face even more challenging obstacles. The player will come across water wipers, wrecking balls, bouncing punches, shaking platforms, see-saw surface and more.

The game features a series of challenging missions. While the early missions are slow and easy, the user will face the real thrill and difficulty as they’ll move up the levels. They’ll need to balance themselves carefully on moving platforms and be aware of boxing punches on the way or the game will be over. This game will test the user’s quick reflexes and focus while keeping them on the edge of their seat. The game is created to take the player on an adventurous ride where they constantly try to save the stuntman from frequent obstacles and make him move farther in the game.

Stuntman Water run features colorful 3D graphics accompanied with cool sound effects. There are a number of exciting racing and stunt missions, each one with set in a different world with various obstacles in increasing order of difficulty. The controls are smooth and easy to ensure seamless gameplay. The game can be played in hurdle and stunt racing modes.

Furthermore, the game is completely free to download and available at Google Play store.

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