Student Entrepreneur Promises Inventive Solution To Food Insecurity With ’50 Meal Paintings’

Donations given to US food banks with each canvas sold

Everyone loves to see a great piece of art on their wall, and with the launch of 50 Meal Paintings, there’s a way to achieve a tasteful home or office aesthetic while also appealing to your philanthropic side.

50 Meal Paintings is the brainchild of founder Benjamin Frankel, a current student at The Evergreen State College in Olympia, WA. With a love of art and a determination to help people experiencing food insecurity in the US, Frankel has developed a solution to help feed those currently struggling with food insecurity while offering a curated selection of history’s finest artwork at market cost.

The solution is as simple as it is inventive – for every canvas print sold via the 50 Meal Paintings website, the company donates the equivalent of 50 meals to the people who need them the most, via a donation to the largest network of foodbanks in the United States. 

Although Frankel is a full-time college student, he has been able to work on the business as part of an Individual Learning Contract, which his local college offers to students who have their own educational vision. Rather than just reading about entrepreneurship in books and writing academic essays on the subject, Frankel has been able to learn first-hand the work it takes to turn a business idea into a reality. 

“Hunger and food insecurity are serious issues across the United States,” says Frankel. “I wanted to make a tangible dent in the problem, and that’s where the idea for 50 Meal Paintings came from. I want to help folks get ahold of some amazing art, and every painting sold means fifty meals for an American in need.”

The charitable design of 50 Meal Paintings extends beyond food banks. The company is also set up to facilitate fundraisers with non-profit organizations, where the non-profit keeps 50% of the company’s profits made during the fundraiser’s duration.

Each canvas print is meticulously crafted for quality in the United States. With the help of entrepreneurial projects such as 50 Meal Paintings, food insecurity may one day be a thing of the past. 

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50 Meal Paintings sells stunning canvas prints from some of history’s greatest artists. For each painting sold, the equivalent of 50 meals is donated to Americans facing food insecurity, via donations to the largest food bank network in the US. 

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