Stop Spreading the Flu This Winter: New Product, Germ Free Mobile Protects Digital Devices

Randolph, NJ – 3 January, 2018 – Millions of Americans are struggling to stay healthy this winter as the spread of the deadly flu virus takes its toll nationwide.  Itus Healthcare, a leader in infection control and prevention, announces the launch of a groundbreaking solution, Germ Free Mobile™ Disposable Antimicrobial Covers. These covers are used for protecting smartphones and other digital devices such as IPads and tablets from contamination of germs and other harmful bacteria that can make you very sick.

According to a report by scientists at the University of Arizona, cell phones were found to carry 10 times more bacteria than most toilet seats. “This level of microbial load is potentially hazardous and can make you sick”, states Dr. Guerra, a physician and CEO of Itus Healthcare.

During the winter months, when the flu and other harmful germs are the on the surge, sharing these devices can spread infections from person to person. Germ Free Mobile™ provides excellent protection which helps minimize microbial contamination on mobile devices and assists in keeping people healthy and away from the doctor. “The flu virus and other harmful germs can live on your device for days, weeks or even months,” says Dr. Guerra.

Germ Free Mobile™ is designed with a unique and patented technology which uses a silver film that kills harmful germs such as MRSA, E. coli and many more.   Germ Free Mobile™ is easy to use, cost effective, and helps protect devices from accidental spills

For more information about Germ Free Mobile™, visit our website at or call our toll-free number at 877-548-7424.  Germ Free Mobile™ is a product of Itus Healthcare, a medical device leader focused in Infection Control and Prevention.

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