‘Stock Market Investing For Beginner’ by Malay Trivedi Introduces the Complete Trading System Every Investor Must Know

February 18th, 2019 – Investing in stocks holds a lure that is hard to resist. However, amateurish dabbling in stock market are prone to incur losses. What beginners and newcomers need are not information filled with noise and hype, but a real systematic grounding in how the trading system really works. This is the aim of Malay Trivedi’s latest work, “Stock Market Investing For Beginner: Complete Guide To Trading Like A Professional”.

‘Stock Market Investing For Beginner’ highlights all the mistruths and made-to-profit information that currently overloads the media and publication world. It allows beginners to avoid wasting their time and stick to the most reliable basic methods used by professional traders. What’s presented is a complete trading system that professional traders use.

You have to decipher the good information from the bad information. The reason for bad information is someone out there is profiting from it! I call this “feel good” information,” says Malay Trivedi.

Professional traders use a trading and investing system, that every true investor should know it. This is a learned system to be trusted, rather than tips and advice pouring in from all directions. Professional traders do research, look at numbers reported by the company, and know how to differentiate between good information and bad to figure out the value of a stock. These decisions are supported by fundamentals and technical analysis with the right indicators and strategies to formulate a trading plan!

In this book, I reveal how to find the right stocks, narrow them down and get the right numbers out of the company’s 10k. Then you will be able to find their true value, doing some calculation and formula, so you know EXACTLY (dollar & cents) what they are worth. Once you know how much they are worth, you can decide if it will be a good or bad buy!” says Malay Trivedi.

‘Stock Market Investing For Beginner’ is written in plain, easy to understand English. The first chapter shows how stock investing advice today is conflicted and actually misguides novice traders from making money. The second chapter introduces what professional traders know too well and average traders don’t. The book walks beginners through demo and paper sites where they can try their hands at trading without losing real money. Other chapters cover how to find the right stock, finding the actual worth of a stock, technical analysis, and powerful tested strategies for trading.

‘Stock Market Investing For Beginner’ is now available from Amazon as an e-book.

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