Step2love\’s tips about Icebreakers for the fantastic online dating experience

The awkward moment about online dating comes right at the minute when we try to log in the chat and write a line to someone we like. Its never easy! Mostly, because we have only one chance to make the first impression in a right way! And of course, we are terrified of idea to fail!

Honestly, we all feel a little bit silly when it comes to the things we never tried before. You remember your first time driving a car? Or maybe the moment when you were passing your first exam in high school? Than you know this feeling!

The awkward moment about online dating comes right at the minute when we try to log in the chat and write a line to someone we like. Its never easy! Mostly, because we have only one chance to make the first impression in a right way! And of course, we are terrified of idea to fail!

This is why sometimes we say wrong things, act in a wrong way and give up too fast. Online dating could be risky but the winning of HER HEART worth that!

Lets break the ice and see how much fun the online dating could be! prepared the easy-to-use tips about how to land the online dating in the way which leads to success. Lets go?

1 Use your humor as your best friend!

Scientists proved that laugh together doubles our chances to make a good connection with new people. They even say that women build huge percentage of the trust level while they laugh. So its a brilliant idea for the very start! Don’t be afraid to tell something silly to her.. You don’t have to make your first conversation look like a comic show but don’t worry to put some funny butterflies into her belly.

2 Be unique. Be you!

Being a premier dating site for the last 10 years we saw many love-stories. Most of those which reached the romance-destination were build between people who were acting differently! Everyone talk about sex and we live in the very open-minded society? Than be different and start your first talk from speaking about global warming or rescuing alpacas! Maybe you will find out that your best chats are about history, travels, cooking pizza or watching TV shows which inspire you! Very important to stay YOU when you speak. Because it’s a very big temptation-to succumb to the “fashion trend” and stop being unique, hoping to win as much hearts as possible on the dating site.

Remember: you don’t need to win everyone and you don’t need to pretend something. You need only one heart which is here for you! Be real. That’s enough!

3 Ask the open-ended or alternative questions. Avoid those which lead only to “yes/no”

When you start a talk to a lady from Russia or Ukraine you must understand that they are pretty talkative! This could be a great benefit or a major problem. All depends on you! But if you really saw a profile you liked, crossed your fingers and ready to begin the chatting – than prepare your questions! First, they must include the “question mark”. Not just a line with “hello” or “wow, you are pretty”. Probably because that’s something what she hears quite often! You don’t think that you are the first man who texts her, do you? So, using humor and your unique sides, be ready to ask her something what will leave her no chances to avoid the chat with you!

For example, instead of just “Hi sweetie” grab a line “Hi, how do you see your perfect first date: in a cozy cafe or riding a camel at the Times Square?”

That will be very unique, quite funny and also will stop her eyes on YOUR PROFILE! Definitely!

4 Even if you are very busy, take a time to read her profile

Profiles at are very easy to explore. They all consist of some private information, few pictures which are always real and answers to some questions which will be very helpful for you. We ask our costumers to fill the questionnaire because photos are just little pieces in the Human Puzzle. When you read more information you get fuller picture and topics for chats come naturally. For example, you can ask her “What is the place where your picture in the red dress was taken?” or “What year you have traveled to USA and what city you liked most?”. Asking more personal questions shows to your possibly future girlfriend that even being a busy guy, you find time to read her profile, you are serious about online search. That creates trust and indicates you as a Special Man!

5 Set the date! Yes, even online date still could be REAL!

Because of time difference, many couples cant find their best way of communicating online. Step2love suggest always clear up the time question in the very beginning. Knowing the time, you can set a date which could become your daily pleasurable routine. Use the video chat for more private atmosphere. You can even dress up a little because for now, this is your only way to show that you are ready to try for her. Use this chance! “Online” doesn’t mean that its something not serious or not real. Act like its your DATE!

6 Tell her special compliments

Don’t be greedy when it comes to complimenting a lady. If you are looking for a Slavic bride, it means that you will talk to many beautiful single women. Probably, beautiful women hear compliments about their beauty all the time. So yo should try to make a compliment which will be unforgettable and reach her heart asap! Instead of telling “you have beautiful eyes” try to say “when I look into your eyes I feel like home”. Special compliments we say only to special people. Keep this on your mind when you are building the connection.

And the very last tip for you: “Gamble” if you want to win!

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