Stefan Arezina Introduces The Innovative, Multipurpose Rehab Roller

April 14, 2020 – Stefan Arezina, a certified physiotherapist, introduces the Rehab Roller, a Six-in-One Home Therapy System and Multipurpose Foam Roller.

With Stefan’s vision of reaching more people by providing a useful rehab tool that would save them time and money, the six-in-one patented foam roller has the function of six different tools, all in one convenient and easy to use the product.

Stefan hopes his Rehab Roller can serve as a 24/7, at-home physiotherapy tool that will help its users keep their body strong and flexible.

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The Rehab Roller is designed with a textured surface called Rumble Strips that allows users to feel where they are foam rolling and index the roller around sensitive areas like the neck without worry. It also has a wrist, forearm, and hand stretcher, designed to fit 97% of finger sizes, which allows for a comfortable weighted stretch of the wrist, forearm, and hand.

The Rehab Roller has a ​Peanut Roller also known as a Double Lax Ball Concavity with curves that allow the user to comfortably get around the bony landmarks of the body so as to comfortable work on the muscles around the spine, forearm, shin, or hip.

It also has a ​Slant Board and Calf Stretcher which is an effective evidence-based tool for calf stretching, foot stretching, and high-load strength training of the plantar fascia tissue and calf muscles.

Also present is a ​Myofascial Releaser which is a versatile self-massage tool designed to mimic the hand of a therapist, giving the user the same feeling from a massage therapist.

According to Stefan, “This is a one-time investment for the best foam roller on the market. Never need another foam roller again!”

The Rehab Roller has received five-star ratings by many of its users. “When I wake up in the morning the first thing I do is stretch my feet out on the rehab roller and do a few simple exercises. It’s helped to keep my heel pain from coming back when nothing else worked. I am grateful for the Rehab Roller with each step I take.” — Ivangellys G.

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