Steel Structures Are Widely Used In Industrial Buildings

Steel structures are widely used in industrial and civil buildings such as industrial plants, airport garages, stadiums, warehouses, and shopping centers. Due to the development of science and technology and the improvement of steel quality, the importance of steel structure has been affirmed by various countries. In the Americas, Europe, Japan, Taiwan and other places, steel structures are all used in the construction of factories. And in some advanced cities, buildings, bridges, and large-scale public projects often use steel structures. Since the 1990s, in the United States, approximately 70% of non-residential dwellings and buildings with two floors or less have adopted light steel frame systems.Qingdao Xinguangzheng Steel Structure Co., Ltd as the leading steel structure manufacturing factory in China has been worked in this field for more than 25 years.


[Features of Steel Structure] 

1. Large-span steel structure has obvious advantages for beam depth and span between columns. For example, the beam depth to span ratio of general reinforced concrete is about 1:12, while the ratio of steel structure is 1:24.

2. The weight ratio of light steel structure to the weight of reinforced concrete is about 1:1.6, and the seismic force = mass * seismic acceleration, so the lighter the weight, the lower the seismic force. If the steel structure is properly treated, it will be more effective for earthquake resistance.

3. The prefabricated steel structure components can be manufactured in the factory, mass production, reduce labor, rapid construction, shorten the construction period, and ensure quality.

4. High toughness, after proper deployment and heat treatment of the steel structure, the strength and toughness can be increased, and the safety can be improved.

5. The calculation structure is accurate. The steel structure is uniform in quality and the strength of the steel is uniform, which is inferior to other materials.

6. Large design flexibility, high difficulty, large span, special shape, all use steel structure design to make a breakthrough.

7. Beautiful and generous, the use of supporting materials such as colored steel plates, aluminum alloys, glass curtain walls and other products of the era with changing colors can be matched with each other to create beautiful and generous buildings.

[Single-span steel structure series] 

The single-span steel structure series is a widely used building system, suitable for industrial and commercial factories and indoor sports fields, etc., due to its many advantages: factory production, on-site construction is convenient and quick, sturdy and durable, novel appearance, high quality and efficiency, The price is suitable, the size of the column grid can be freely arranged according to the needs, and it can meet the different climate environments and different use requirements.

[Multi-span steel structure series] 

The multi-span continuous rigid steel structure series is an internal steel frame structure, which is especially suitable for large buildings that require a larger span and allow middle columns. The structure can make full use of space, reduce the amount of steel used per unit area, and thereby reduce the cost per unit area. The span can be from 30-105m or more. The common column distance is generally 6-9m or more.

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