States Tap Floral Supply Chain Creator William Mobley for Medical Marijuana “Breed to Sale” Tech

A system proven in the $7B annual floral industry brings much-needed accountability to cannabis growers, pharmaceutical interests, and regulators alike.

As changing laws allow the cultivation of marijuana for medical applications, there is a burgeoning industry of growers and processors, as well as a number of large drug-makers looking to take advantage of this newly available resource. In response, regulators in California and legislators in Illinois have turned to William Mobley, whose company World Commerce Online originally developed Floraplex, a “breed to sale” tracking system for the multi-billion dollar a year floral industry.

With many stakeholders concerned about accountability when dealing with marijuana-based products, the newly developed “breed to sale” system, dubbed Grower Exchange, provides the comprehensive tracking that both vendors and local regulators need to ensure that all products, financial transactions, taxation, and compliance are always accounted for.

With thousands of different varieties of cannabis plants, and millions of possible combinations of their byproducts, each with unique and specialized applications in the medical field, Grower Exchange will track these highly specific products from their point of origin, a grower or breeder, through the labs and manufacturing phases, to the point of sale at a pharmacy, and ultimately, into a specific patient’s hands down to delivered dosage controls, in the same way that flowers have been tracked reliably for decades.

Tracking this data will be key for speculative growing to fulfill pharma and medical formulas used to create treatment products. Like a drug formula that would require “active ingredients” to develop a pain reliever and fever reducer combination, the same will be the case for cannabis recipes that will aide a cancer patient seeking pain relief and an appetite enhancer. Oddly, this is very similar to the floral industry which introduces popular holiday design arrangements to be marketed by the wire services a year in advance, as each bouquet and arrangement must be grown to specifications by type, variety, color, including fillers and containers to meet the expected demands.

William Mobley, the creator of Floraplex and now Grower Exchange, discussed the unique opportunity these states are considering and what a legal marijuana industry will mean for them: “It’s so rare that you have this option to employ a tried and true solution to what is essentially a brand new industry, which would really be sort of a ‘wild west’ full of unanswered questions and trial and error without it. With all the skepticism around marijuana, you don’t want to roll the dice with a brand new technology or unproven solution, which could potentially backfire on an entire industry if it’s not effective. We’re using a platform that we know works, and that’s precisely what’s going to allow governments and big pharma to tap into this new resource with confidence.”


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