Startup Website Launches Product Reviews To Help Online Consumers Shop Wisely

When most persons are shopping online they tend to go to the search engines and type in a keyword related to the product they are looking to purchase. Most of these online shoppers assume that the websites they land on from the search engines will give them a genuine review of the item. That is not always the case, according to Lemarc Gentles, founder of ClickReviewz. “The online world is a dynamic system that brings together thousands of voices and that makes it difficult for a shopper to know the difference between real and fake products,” adds Mr. Gentles.

One aspect of the online world is that it operates under fewer regulations than the ordinary brick-and-mortar business. Savvy online marketers have figured out ways to manipulate popular search engines in order to create a falsified impression of their merchandise. Recently, the European Commission fined Google $2.7 billion for allegedly skewing its online shopping results on its own platform ( Reference: ).

While the tech giant has appealed against that decision, the case points towards the need for third-party reviewers to play a role in ensuring shoppers can access independently examined information.

By powering the generation, publishing, and syndication of reviews, improves the overall customer experience through the delivery of valuable insights that increase purchaser confidence. Like most dynamic product review platforms, ClickReviewz places emphasis on improving user experience in order to make it easier for shoppers to compare different products prior to making a decision. Posts shared on the website are written by experts who form an independent opinion upon using or experimenting with a product. This information is then availed for public use and is available free of charge to any shoppers who want to double-check facts. is excited to add independent ratings to their ever-expanding blend of products cognizant to customer experience and the growing need for value for money,” said Lemarc Gentles who has been reviewing and analyzing products since 2009.

The website taps into the growing need among consumers to find quality health products and avoid losing money in fraud programs. While companies like ClickReviewz are rare, the need for third-party testing and opinion-shaping remains prime yet very few organizations seem prepared for the tough task of educating online shoppers. Media reports indicate that Americans lose as much as $800 million per year on fraud scams and a further $16 billion on cases of identity theft. The fact that one has to part with personal details while shopping online makes them susceptible to identity theft. This underscores the existing gap highlighted by the need for increased consumer awareness on the best practices of shopping online.

Click Reviewz aims to fill this gap by warning consumers of potential fraud and directing them towards products that offer real value. This way, the tool targets to bolster shopper confidence and play a role in bringing illegal online business to an end.

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ClickReviewz™ is an online product review website that offers unbiased reviews on a wide range of products to help consumers make the right buying decisions online.

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