Start-up aims to showcase Android Developers, create one-stop shop for clients

Start-up aims to showcase Android Developers, create one-stop shop for clients
Looking for Mobile App Design & Development Companies that suits your budget. but not sure where to search? Find the Best and Vetted Mobile Application Developers at This is an exclusive directory of several vetted app development companies across the world. We have thousands of app developers (companies) listed there, and we have approved a few hundreds of them where we work closely with them.

The driving force in smartphone technology is the app – everyone loves to use them, and every business wants their own.

But the average mobile app costs up to $25,000 when developed by a reputable company. That puts the full-function app out of reach for many small businesses.

Now, a new website unites vetted Android Developers with those business owners to help them get the app they need at a reasonably affordable price, often at half the cost.

It’s AndroidDevelopers.Co, and it’s a matchmaker between Android Developers and clients – as well as Developers and other Developers, looking to hire.

The site showcases Android Developers who are accepting new clients, both individual freelancers and software companies which specialize in Android mobile application creation.

AndroidDevelopers.Co offers a level of security not found elsewhere. Business owners are sometimes cheated because they look at app development as a kind of magic and hope their developer knows what they’re doing.  But this marketplace has a verification-and-vetting system that safeguards clients’ interests.

Using the site is simple. Just search for Android application developers by specialty or location, check the list of Android developers, visit their profiles, check their reviews and contact them to receive quotes. Because the developers know they are competing for your business, their quotes will be reasonable.  Learn more by comparing quotes, and then contact the one that fits your needs best.

It’s a win-win, offering a needed service to the business owner who needs a mobile solution and to the developer, who is skilled at writing effective code but not so experienced at marketing themselves. They can leave the heavy lifting of acquiring clients to the site and concentrate on what they do best.

Now every business, no matter the size, can join the ranks of the players in the mobile app space – affordably and safely – with AndroidDevelopers.Co.

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