Sci-fi Enthusiast, Brad Burnie Launches New Website for all things Sci-Fi

Brad Burnie and the entire team are announcing the official launch of the sci-fi website, This website is to cover a wide range of sci-fi topics, from sci-fi games to shows and movies of the sci-fi genre. This is where individuals especially Fans of Star Wars and Star Trek according to Brad Burnie, can get the hottest news for their favorite Sci-Fi franchise. The website is owned and will be operated by Brad Burnie of

The purpose of this website is to also introduce to the public the fictional genre of advanced science posed as reality as seen in movies like Star Wars, Avengers, and even games like CS:Go, Dota2, Pubg, Starcraft, StarWars: Knight of the republic, etc.

Brad and his team have created this website with the intention of sharing hidden gems of sci-fi info to the general public through the company’s hottest Sci-Fi news, games, AI art, cosplay, and toys which are making the website an exclusive one, especially for individuals that have interests in this genre. It’s about time to break the bonds of the present and future and the past. 

According to Isaac Asimov, “…science fiction is like a SOCIAL EXPERIMENT, depicting fictional societies“. 

Brad also likes dropping popular quotes from popular sci-fi movies from Star Wars and other sci-fi movies. Just like your everyday day average nerd.

“Careful, you must be sensing the future, Anakin. The fear of loss is a path to the dark side.” Fear is a great motivator for good or for bad.

Will this website rise up from the web noise or fade away? Brad leaves you with this quote.

“I find your lack of faith disturbing.” –  Darth Vader

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