Star Jets offers private jet charter Miami

United States – August 23, 2023 – If you are looking to head to Miami for business or pleasure, Star Jets International offers a private jet charter Miami. Any jet. Any time. Anywhere.

“You decide when you leave. You decide when you come back. You decide which airports you want to use,” said Ricky Sitomer, CEO. “It is all up to you.”

Star Jets International offers jets that fly to most of the world, including Miami. Since these are private charters, the person booking the flight has far more control than he would get by flying with a commercial airline.

Mr. Sitomer said “Commercial planes are bound to strict schedules. Star Jets International is not.” Because it is a private charter service, the planes can take off and land and only need clearance from the tower and a flight plan.

“It really is up to you. Say you need to be in Miami by 9 a.m. Tuesday. We can do that,” he said. “You decide if you want to be in town the night before and get a hotel or leave early that morning and have a nap on the plane. It is that easy.

Since Star Jets International is not bound to the same rules as commercial airlines, it can fly into smaller, private airports that are often close to your final destination. Mr. Sitomer said this also dramatically cuts down on travel time.

“Miami has 5 general airports scattered across the area. You do not have to fly into Miami International and deal with the crowds there. We can put you into one of the 4 smaller airports with fewer people and it may be closer to where you need to be,” he said.

For more information call +1 855-9-FLYJETS or send a text to +1 917-331-5152.

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