Star Jets offers a private jet charter to Las Vegas


United States – August 28, 2023 – Las Vegas is an international city and business deals from around the world are handled there. If you need to do business on the way, a Star Jets International private jet charter to Las Vegas is the way to go.

“Business does not care about flights, time zones and convenience. Business happens when it happens and if that is on a plane, so be it,” said Ricky Sitomer, CEO of Star Jets International. “However, you cannot really take care of important business on a commercial plane. Too many people will know what you are doing and that is bad business.”

A Star Jets International private jet flight to Vegas means you can conduct business securely and privately. The crew will stay well out of your way. You can use your phone or other electronic devices en route. The entire flight is private and secure.

“Take care of last-minute details. Make last minute plans. It does not matter. It is your plane flight, and you decide what to do while you are in the air,” Mr. Sitomer said.

If you just want to go to Vegas for a short break or a vacation, Star Jets International can handle that too. Star Jets does not care why you are flying into Vegas. Your reasons are your own and need not be shared with anyone else.

“Our focus is giving you the best possible flight experience when you are headed to Southern Nevada. All you need to do is tell us when you need to be in town and what airport you are leaving from. We handle all the rest,” the CEO said.

Also, you don’t have to fly into Las Vegas International. Southern Nevada has other airports and Star Jets can land at many of them. If that gets you closer to your final destination, Mr. Sitomer said his company will make that happen.

Any jet. Any time. Anywhere.

Ready to fly? Call 1-855-9-FLYJETS or text +1-917-331-5152.

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