Stamp Brothers Productions announces \”Life In 60 Minutes” rock music show

Invites everyone to come and listen to original music that explores the true story of a marine that struggled with addiction

New York, NY, USA – Stamp Brothers Productions is proud to announce their show “Life in 60 Minutes,” a rock show in the Frigid Independent Theater Festival in New York City. The show is a true story of Zach Stamp, United States marine. We learn about his experiences: being deployed in Afghanistan, dealing with addiction and suicide, and becoming sober and learning how to live with it all. The show will be taking place at the Kraine Theater in New York City. Zach will be performing original music with his two brothers, Joey and Michael.

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“Life In 60 Minutes is a unique rock show that will provide an incredible experience for guests. The show will feature original rock music by Zach, with a theme that resonates with the audience: understanding the struggles of people who are dealing with addiction and mental illness. The depth of honesty and raw emotion in the show will make it even more exciting and memorable,” said Kristin Ambrose, a representative of Stamp Brothers Productions.

Life In 60 Minutes is not just a regular show. It features a marine who had gone through a lot while stationed in Afghanistan, dealing with all the emotional issues that come with fighting in a war.

The goal of Stamp Brothers Productions is to reach as many people as possible who are currently or know somebody that is struggling with mental health issues or addiction. There is always a way out of every challenge and taking part in this show might just be the opportunity to start a dialogue, to help someone out there get above their struggles and be on the path to recovery.

About Stamp Brothers Productions

Stamp Brothers Productions is a New York City-based Production Company. Founded in 2012, the company’s goal is to be a positive influence in the artistic world and tell stories that deserve to be heard. Since establishment, they have produced some projects which have received widespread positive review and acclaim.

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