Special Offer and Discount – Stability Science’s Posture Corrector for Women and Men, Clavicle And Shoulder Support Brace

29 January, 2018 – Ithaca, New York – Stability Science has proudly announced the launch of its newly invented back posture support to foster healthy living among its customers. Stability Science is an individually owned company located in Ithaca, New York, specializing in non-toxic, odorless, comfortable and effective joint, skeletal and muscular support devices for healing, recovery, and the correction and optimization of physical posture. Moreover, the company has recently launched a new product [Upper Back Posture Support Brace].

An upper back brace can help you improve your posture. “Our posture supports help prevent stooped shoulders, help alleviate back pain and strain caused by poor posture,” said the spokesperson for Stability Science while talking about the company. “Over time, wearing an upper back brace will help realign your back and train your shoulders to sit square and back which will relieve the tension commonly associated with pain in the shoulders, shoulder blades, upper back and even lower back. Our posture back supports can be worn over clothing or under to stay discreet, and are lightweight and ideal for men and women,” he added.

Our braces are easy to slip into and out of, and can be worn under a shirt or other clothing. They do not bind or chafe. Whether it is support for healing and recovery, support for an activity, or to correct structural difficulties, our braces are the affordable and proven solution.

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