St. Royal Entertainment Is Offering Live Event Entertainment, Wedding Musicians & Live Wedding Band in Toronto

St. Royal’s Entertainment Ensuring the Best Musical and Visual Accompaniment. No matter what your event may be, St. Royals can make it even better through their audiovisual and musical talents.

Whether it’s a wedding or some other special event, music is a big part. If it’s not enjoyable, then it’s likely that the event won’t do so well or be memorable. Each event requires a different musical touch, and to do so requires expertise in all things music. And so, St. Royal Entertainment brought together various musicians with different specialties to create a seamless music.

St. Royal is an equal opportunity and diverse group of professional musicians, entertainment consultants, DJs, and event producers. They also have their created St. Royal Product, which is an audiovisual production and design company under the St. Royal Banner. They are experts are creating seamless music and entertainment to lead your celebrations. The St. Royals Family currently consists of forty-two people, but they’re always looking for more people to join their family.

They provide a celebration experience with unique music for weddings, brand activations, galas, fundraisers, and corporate events. They also do music programming for cafés, restaurants, venues, and festivals. St. Royals music services include The St. Royals Band, The Superband, DJs, emcees, custom live bands, and specialty acts. Their audiovisual and show production services include lighting, staging, sound, 3D modeling and design, and décor elements.

For smaller stage background elements and showpieces, they offer a variety of different genre music. They offer jazz, gypsy bands, crooner and chanteuse, acoustic Latin groups, eclectic soloists, and vocal groups. They have tailored some prominent musical experiences, such as Toronto Fashion Week, Movember, Toronto Shoe Show, African Fashion Week, and Winter Garden theater production.

They offer four main packages – DJ, Classic, Luxe, and Bespoke – in which you can add on special services. Their simple and minimalistic DJ package starts at $1190, on which you can add $900 to $2000 for audiovisuals depending on your desired effect. The Classic package with live music after the cocktail reception or meal service starts at $4,750 and you can add $600 to $3400 for audiovisuals. The Luxe package with live music through the entire event starts at $6,760 with an optional $600 to $3400 for audiovisual purposes. The Bespoke package is for corporate events and brand activations and is completely customizable to the clients’ event needs.

“St. Royals had an amazing combination of talent and professionalism. They wowed the audience with their show and music.” Said by a previous St. Royals client. St. Royal strives to do their best work for all their clients. They offer customized music solutions for all events.

For more information about St. Royal Entertainment and their portfolio, you can visit their website. On there they have all the information you need about their services. You can visit one of their upcoming public events to see their work in action. Or you can watch their event videos on their website to get a feel of their music expertise. Contact them today to get a celebration with seamless music that adds to the atmosphere and the aesthetic.

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