St. Paul Animal Hospital Urges Microchipping Pets During Times of Change

Highland Animal Hospital, a leading veterinary clinic in St. Paul, MN, urges pet owners to start the New Year off right by microchipping their pets. Pets can get lost during traveling or while staying with a pet sitter. A microchip ensures that a pet is found and returned.

For peace of mind and security about the whereabouts of any pets, it makes sense to have pet microchips in St. Paul, MN, implanted in them. This is a pain-free way for pet owners to ensure their animals can be found if they get lost. A microchip ensures a pet owner’s contact information can be read whether or not the animal is wearing identification tags. With a microchip from Highland animal Hospital you can rest assured your pet will be returned to you no matter how far it strays.

Microchipping from Highland Animal Hospital can be performed on both dogs and cats.

Pet owners who travel frequently and use pet sitters can enjoy peace of mind at all times when they know that their pet can be found. Once the pet’s owner identity is found with the corresponding phone contact information, there’s no danger of the pet not being returned to its rightful home.

The implantation of microchips is not painful and is similar to having a shot. There is no anesthesia involved and is well worth the time it takes, which is minimal. It is quick and affordable at Highland Animal Hospital. Once the chip has been inserted the staff at the veterinary clinic registers the chip into its microchip database, so that it shows all the necessary contact information once the pet is scanned. It is also important to keep that information updated in the case of changing phone numbers and addresses.

For more information about keeping tabs on the whereabouts of any cat or dog, call (651) 432-0913 or visit the Highland Animal Hospital website at The animal hospital serves pet owners throughout St. Paul, Minnesota, including the Highland Park and Summit Hills communities.

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