St Patrick\’s Day Best Roast Coffee Goes Green with Carbon Free Coffee

“A Sprouts Market Corner Carbon Free Coffee”
St Patrick’s day, an opportunity to talk about Green Coffee beans. Coffee in raw form is not the color brown we experience daily at the coffee shop. Coffee is largely cooked in a drum roast an inefficient process using gas. Smoke is created in the coffee roasting process transferring into the coffee, and into the atmosphere. Best Roast Coffee has broken the tradition and uses a different roasting technique and process, creating a healthier planet and coffee. A vision supported by the millennials

Best Roast Coffee has set aside  St Patrick’s day as a day to announce their green initiative. The company has now introduced Carbon Free coffee, and national grocery chain Sprouts Farmers Market (SFM) with the luck of the Irish, are first to market with Best Roast Coffee carbon free coffee. The national retailer transitioned their existing in store made to order espresso and coffee program to the use of carbon free USDA organic coffee. Already an organic coffee program, SFM’s focus on healthy living extends beyond the individual, to health of the planet, and the carbon free coffee initiative is aligned with SFM company values. Best Roast Coffee air roasting process attributes to about 80% reduction in environmental impact on the planet when compared with traditional drum roast. 

National Coffee Association of America (NCA) website, indicates coffee as an industry worth over 200 billion a year to the USA economy. 32 billion per year is attributed to the daily coffee drinkers sector. SFM is now targeting the lucrative cups per day espresso market, and  according to data from the NCA  2016 annual drinking trends report, SFM is well positioned to capitalize on the merging demand for specialty coffee increasing there earnings, as well as the millennial’s interest in global awareness. SFM invested millions into the cups per day market in 2016 opening 60 locations in just 10 months.  

Best Roast Coffee company provides national retail chains a 4 feet solution offering an in store coffee bar, complete with operations and procedures. BRC’s organic focused coffee bars are a welcome change to the traditional Star Bucks type coffee bars we have become accustomed to seeing inside retail chains such as Target, and Kroger. In 2017 Best Roast Coffee continues to roll out organic coffee bars into more grocery chains and now hotel chains too. “Coffee today has become gourmet driven and health focused too,” says co-founder, Julia Yim.  NCA data shows coffee as a beverage has now out done soda, and is consumed by around 85% of Americans.  Mrs. Yim says, “If you look at raw data SFM’s organic coffee bar is now strategically positioned right in the center of a merging market, which first shifted to specialty coffee in 2014.”

Recently we have witnessed stock market announcement of Star Bucks announcing to investors about a 50% reduction in their earlier 2017 forecasts. Such an announcement indicates a shift in anticipated momentum away from the traditional coffee.  The baby boomers who were the core customer base of traditional large scale coffee chains are no longer the largest spender, we now see the millennial’s dictating the market, and sparking a change in consumer preferences. Innovations of Best Roast Coffee include collagen coffee, adding protein and the benefits of collagen to coffee, and a new water using the application of quantum technology that has now led to global eBook, on sale in over 80 countries world-wide are all aligned with millennial’s more conceptual thinking.

Two Creative People Talk Inovation. Co Founder of Best Roast Coffee, Jason Roe walks Through Airport with Sir Richard Branson.

Jason Roe, President of Best Roast Coffee of Best Roast Coffee is credited with the creative thinking side and stratergy of the company. It is innovation and different thinking that sets any brand apart, and it only takes one idea to change an industry. Apple started from a house in San Francisco. So I never underestimate the power of an idea,” says Mr. Roe. “BRC is now Americas only large-scale certified carbon free coffee, and on sale in large-scale grocery chains seeking to be part of global carbon reduction for the planet.  Already our carbon free coffee is in large-scale distribution centers for grocery chains, as BRC rolls it out nation wide.” He continues, “The large scale carbon free coffee train has left the station. To compete most large scale roasting companies will need all new equipment, and have to end the use of traditional drum roasting as a way of roasting their coffee. There are so many new technologies in roasting equipment today that need to be embraced.

Sourcing of raw coffee beans needs to be a part of keeping the planet green. Coffee harvesting traditionally cuts down trees to create large coffee plantations, giving coffee trees great sun exposure thus growing coffee much faster. Mr Roe says, “Best Roast Coffee, use only eco-friendly coffee beans grown in the shade of rain forest, and by only procuring shade grown coffee BRC supports birds and the wild life habitats and that’s our green news, for St patrick’s Day.”

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