St. Hopkins MBA Student Gets a Whopping 12 lakhs P.A package at IBM

Gautam Kaul, as a student of the prestigious St. Hopkins MBA college, one of the top MBA colleges in  Bangalore, has received an outstanding job offer from IBM as a Business analyst in a salary package of 11 lacs P.A. which is the highest package at St. Hopkins College being offered to any student so far. The St. Hopkins MBA College in Bangalore is a start-up in the education sector, the institute was established with a vision to provide all the right tools and opportunities to students in order for them to excel.

Gautam Kaul was placed by the college as per the Placement Training initiative, as an intern at Yahoo Inc., Bangalore as a management trainee while he was in 3rd semester MBA at a salary/stipend of 3 lacs P.A. upon completing his internship, he continued working at the company and has now landed an offer from IBM . The faculties and Management of St. Hopkins college, Bangalore are proud of his achievements and are happy that their hard work has paid off.

“I give the entire credit to my college management and to my parents and teachers for training me to the best of my abilities and making me confident to dream big and achieve.” – Gautam Kaul.

Every student at St. Hopkins is placed as a management trainee during their 3rd semester with a minimum salary of 3-4 lakh rupees per annum, this allows them complete their MBA with 1 year of work experience, giving them the edge over other students from MBA colleges in Bangalore, of having prior work experience when the final enter the job market after the completion of the MBA. Other than this, students are offered 2 international trips along with a laptop for a total fee of 3.6 lakh rupees for 2 years.

The St. Hopkins college has developed the “Placement Training” innovative approach towards training students for placements. Students are made to perform real life activities to get trained on placements such as learning negotiating skills through different challenges.

To give their students a further edge, the college creates a video resume of every student and sends it to companies to get a better response from the recruiters.

Furthermore, St. Hopkins allow the students to recover their fees within 1 year of completion of their MBA.

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St. Hopkins MBA college in Bangalore was founded in 2009 with a vision to bridge the gap between academics and the business industry. At the present St. Hopkins group of Institutions comprises of 3 institutions, St.Hopkins Post Graduate College offers post graduate programs in management, such as MBA, PGDBA in various fields such as finance, marketing, human resource, International business and Information Technology.

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