Sputtering Targets and Evaporation Materials Market is anticipated to hit $3.43 billion by 2023 at a CAGR of 2.20%

According to the new market research report by IndustryARC titled “Sputtering Targets & Evaporation Materials Market: By Sputtering Method (DC, Reactive, RF, Ion Assisted, Magnetron Gas Flow, and Others); By Evaporation Method (Thermal, Electron-Beam, Vacuum, Reactive Ion Assisted, and Others); By Application (Electronics, Industrial, Energy, and Optics), By Material (Pure Metals, Alloys, Compounds); and By Geography – (2018-2023)”, the market is driven by the considerable demand from dedicated end user verticals.


APAC held the largest market share in the Sputtering Targets and Evaporation Materials Market

APAC region holds the largest market share and growth in the Evaporation Materials Market, and is anticipated to reach $1.6 billion by 2023 at a CAGR of 2.4%. The sputtering target and evaporation material have significant market potential in Asia-Pacific, owing to the presence of diverse industries. China and Japan are the major producers of electronic devices and semiconductors, which is one of the major applications of sputtering target and evaporation materials. The major end-user industries in this region include automotive, aerospace, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, mining, printing, oil and gas, paper and pulp and so on.


Selected Value Chain Analysis done in the full report

  • Raw materials such as metals including Aluminum, Lithium, Barium, Copper, Gold, Silver and many more, are provided to the target and material manufacturers by the raw material suppliers. However, the most important step of the value chain is that of manufacturing which takes place after the materials have been sourced. Manufacturing involves converting the raw metals from ore into sputtering targets and materials that can be further utilized in thin film deposition applications. This step contributes a major chunk to the value of the product. The value of the product increases tenfold.
  • All sputtering target and evaporation materials have specific requirements for the type, thickness, purity and density of their compatible materials, which is a very important value-adding process in the value chain. Sputtering Target and Evaporation material equipment suppliers such as Sputtering Components Inc. provide various equipment such as internal mount end blocks, ram-bar magnetics, e-cathode, and magnetics and so on to the components manufacturers.


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Excerpts on Market Growth Factors

  • Owing to the applications and end user verticals, the growth of this market is driven by increasing demand from end-user industries such as electronics, energy, industrial, optics and so on.
  • Owing to their significant applications in diverse end user industries, sputtering targets and evaporation materials market is set to grow at a considerable pace in the coming years.
  • The global ST&EM market is set to experience considerable growth in the coming years, due to constant demand from dedicated end user sectors, especially electronics, energy, industrial, optical and others.
  • APAC region is the major shareholder with more than 45% share in the global ST&EM market, due to the presence of numerous targets and materials providers and end user sectors.
  • North America held the second major share, followed by Europe and RoW. Overall, this market will find steady demand from dedicated end used industries.
  • The patent scenario for sputtering target and evaporation materials is slowly evolving, owing to the technological developments and growing investments into R&D.
  • In the energy segment, photovoltaic industry is estimated to grow remarkably in the coming years, and so is the demand for sputtering targets and evaporation materials from this industry.


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Key players of Sputtering Targets and Evaporation Materials Market:

  • Prominent players of the industry include Heraeus Holding, Umicore AG & Co. Ltd, KAMIS Inc., The Kurt J.Leskar Company, and ULVAC GmbH.
  • Some of the independent distributors for sputtering target and evaporation materials are Meivac Inc., SuperVac Materials, Semiconductor Wafer Inc. and others.
  • The key players which use magnetron sputtering include Gencoa Ltd, Torr International Inc., AJA International Inc. and others.
  • Heraeus Holding GmbH claimed major share of sputtering targets and evaporation materials market. SCI Engineered Materials Inc. occupied second position pertaining to sputtering targets and evaporation materials market with 30% market share. Hitachi Metals Ltd also held significant share of 16% in this market. ULVAC Inc. and Treibacher Industrie AG held reasonable shares.


Sputtering Targets and Evaporation Materials Market Report is segmented as indicated below

  • Sputtering Targets and Evaporation Materials Market By Sputtering Method:
  1. Introduction
  2. DC Sputtering
  3. Reactive Sputtering
  4. RF Sputtering
  5. Ion assisted Sputtering
  6. Magnetron Sputtering
  7. Gas Flow Sputtering
  • Sputtering Targets and Evaporation Materials Market By Evaporation Meth
  1. Introduction
  2. Thermal Evaporation
  3. Electron-beam Evaporation
  4. Vacuum Evaporation
  5. Reactive Evaporation
  • Sputtering Targets and Evaporation Materials Market By Material Type

1 Introduction

2 Pure Meals

3 Elemental Semiconductors

4 Alloys

5 Compounds (oxides, nitrides, sulphides, and carbides)

  • Sputtering Targets and Evaporation Materials Market by Application

1 Electronics

1.1 Magnetic Data Storage

1.2 Displays

1.3 Semiconductors

1.4 Sensors

2 Industrial

2.1 Wear Resistant

2.2 Corrosion Resistant

2.3 Heat Resistant

3 Energy

3.1 Photovoltaic cells

3.2 Solar Thermal Collectors

3.3 Batteries

4 Optics

4.1 Microscopes

4.2 Camera Lenses

4.3 Automobile Mirrors

5 Others

  • Sputtering Targets and Evaporation Materials Market By Geography (Covers 12 + Countries)
  • Sputtering Targets and Evaporation Materials Market By Entropy


Companies Cited/Referenced/Interviewed:

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What can you expect from the report?

The Sputtering Targets and Evaporation Materials Market is Prepared with the Main Agenda to Cover the following 20 points:


  1. Market Size by Product Categories
  2. Market trends
  3. Manufacturer Landscape
  4. Distributor Landscape
  5. Pricing Analysis
  6. Top 10 End user Analysis
  7. Product Benchmarking
  8. Product Developments
  9. Mergers & Acquisition Analysis
  10. Patent Analysis
  11. Demand Analysis (By Revenue & Volume)
  12. Country level Analysis (15+)
  13. Competitor Analysis
  14. Market Shares Analysis
  15. Value Chain Analysis
  16. Supply Chain Analysis
  17. Strategic Analysis
  18. Current & Future Market Landscape Analysis
  19. Opportunity Analysis
  20. Revenue and Volume Analysis


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