Sportswar gets Estonian crypto license

Sportswar Receives Estonian crypto License

Sportswar achieves another record operational progress

The Estonian MTR license is regulated and audited by the Estonian FIU. It is currently the most recognized license in the EU, and the full name of the license is virtual asset service providers.

Estonia is the first country to issue ICO in the name of the state. Estonia issues cryptocurrency trading licenses. Cryptocurrency operations are subject to the licensing requirements of other payment instruments (since 12th Aug 2017), it is designated as “virtual value”), remember that as it is legally licensed. On 8th Dec 2017, Estonia officially issued a license to allow trade in cryptocurrencies.

Joining Estonia’s cryptocurrency trading license means who has legal business authority. It’s private financial services focus on project support related to blockchain technology and cryptocurrency business.

Sportswar is a fair, innovative and community-based blockchain sports Quiz-2-Earn platform.

Nowadays geopolitical conflicts often occur worldwide. We hope that wars only happen in the sports area instead, while the holy light of peace shines all away around the world. Sportswar lets users earn profits by participating in quizzes of sports events, and to obtain the rewards of liquidity mining.

This creative idea came from community members who share common beliefs. It took a year and a half for the founding team to build the entire protocol to ensure our platform has functions as below:

The most innovative NFT gameplay,

The fairest token distribution mechanism to community,

The most interesting and abundant quiz games.

Sustainable development and operation.

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