Sports Eve: Uniting Sports and Culture for an Unforgettable Night in Seoul City

South Korea – 21 August, 2023 – Sports Eve is an event that combines sports and culture held in Seoul City, where you can enjoy various sports-related activities and cultural events in one night. The event is held on major streets and parks in Seoul and is aimed at providing citizens with various sports and cultural experiences.

Various sports experiences: Opportunities to experience a variety of sports activities are provided. You can challenge various sports such as soccer, basketball, badminton, and riding a bicycle.

Sports competitions and exhibition games: Professional and amateur sports competitions or exhibition games are held, and spectators can feel the heat while watching the game live.

Cultural Events: A variety of cultural events are also held, including music performances, dance performances, food booths, and rides.

Providing information on sports and health: Information and education on the importance of healthy living and sports can be provided.

Family and Children’s Events: There are also events for children and activities for families to enjoy.

These events provide opportunities for citizens to participate actively and enjoy sports and culture together, strengthen connections with the community and provide opportunities to share various experiences. The schedule and details of the event vary depending on the time and organization, so it is recommended that you check the information so that you can participate in the event you are interested in.

Seoul Sports Association

The term “Seoul Sports Association” means an organization established to promote and develop sports activities and sports culture in the Seoul Metropolitan Government. These associations hold a variety of sports programs and events in the community and play a role in encouraging and supporting citizens’ participation and activities in sports.

Operate Sports Programs: operate sports programs tailored to different age groups and areas of interest. This allows citizens to enjoy sports activities and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Hosting Sports Events: Organizing sports events in the region to encourage citizens to participate, and playing a role in spreading sports culture.

Support for youth and children’s sports: to highlight the importance of sports activities for the younger generation, and to provide programs to improve physical strength and develop leadership.

Cooperation with the community: in collaboration with community organizations, schools, facilities, etc., to hold sports programs and provide various opportunities for citizens.

Spreading Sports Culture: Promoting the importance and value of sports within the Seoul Metropolitan Government, and raising citizens’ awareness of the joy and health of sports.

Support and Funding: Support and funding sports activities by providing support and funding for sports organizations or individuals in the region.

The Seoul Sports Association makes various efforts to revitalize sports and promote culture in the local community, and plays a role in encouraging and supporting citizens’ participation in sports.

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