Spongostan® Hemostatic Sponges Now Available with Dental Savings

We are proud to announce the arrival of Spongostan® A leader in Hemostatic Sponges!

As you perform your daily dentistry duties, we at Dental Savings are working hard to bring you the most high-quality low-cost inventory of dental suppliers. Understanding that the work you do is more or less difficult depending on the quality of your tools and supplies, we are happy to announce our new addition to the Spongostan® Hemostatic Sponges.

Manufactured by Ethicon and Johnson & Johnson, world leaders in medical supplies and solutions, these sponges come with a trusted name brand. Well-researched and designed to be safe and effective, the Spongostan® Hemostatic Gelatin Sponges are now available with Dental Savings.

Trusted for their absorbing capabilities and used in doctor’s offices everywhere, these sponges ensure that you are better able to do your job functions without sacrificing price. High-quality hemostatic sponges are vital to those who work in the medical field and their patients. The small sponges can absorb 45 times their own weight making them ultra-absorbent while also eliminating the need to waste multiple sponges like other brands.

The dimensions of each sponge are 10 X 10 X 10. Allowing for proper placement without the need to overuse the product, these sponges are simple and effective. Each box contains 24 sponges that allow you to stop bleeding. They are fully absorbed within four to six weeks.

Proven safety and efficiency, these sterile sponges are sure to help prevent infection and slow bleeding. Once applied to the injured area the bleeding will stop within two to ten minutes. Over 50 years of use by trusted doctors and dentists, these quality sponges will continue to be used in medical procedures for years to come.

Spongotan® Hemostatic Gel Sponges are water-soluble and won’t break down when things get messy. The malleable material ensures that the Spongotan® Hemostatic sponges are effective and will not fall apart while being used. Designed to stop mild bleeding, they will be your “go-to” to stop bleeding, giving you confidence that they will work every time.

You can order online at dentalsavings.com or give us a call! One of our sales representatives will be happy to order the perfect products for you and have them shipped to your office!

With Dental Savings leading the way, you’re in good hands. It is our mission to provide excellent customer service while focusing on high-quality and low-price supplies. Delivered to your door quickly, we offer free shipping on orders over $299.

We have been partnering with some of the most well-known name brands and manufacturers of dentist supplies for over 15 years. Our ability to bring you the best equipment at lower rates is our dedication to you! Individuals and wholesalers alike will be pleased with Dental Savings.

Contact us now for more products and information! A leader in Dentistry supplies and solutions, we are ready to provide you with the much-needed tools and compounds that make your practice so wonderful!

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