Splash & Shine Giving Toronto Homes and Businesses Paint Makeover with Full Range of Painting Services

Every time Toronto residents hire contractors to paint their premises, they expect beautiful, unique, and long-lasting results. However, this is not always what they get. Less honest and less skilled painters often leave homeowners with walls that are submerged and streaky or walls that start fading and cracking immediately the paintwork is completed.

A bad painting job isn’t just bad news for the exteriors. It is also a sign that the contracting company might have cut corners in other areas. So, it is important to check over other aspects of the project as well.

Splash & Shine is a Toronto-based painting company that’s committed to providing a full-range of painting services for homes, townhouses, and all types of commercial enterprises. They serve the whole of Toronto area and they know a thing or two about what makes a good painting job.

“While some professionals take great care of their jobs, some tend to skip some steps to maximize profits at the expense of quality work,” says quality assurance officer at Splash & Shine. “Knowing how a paint job should look like is critical in detecting when a painter is trying to skip the most important aspects of a painting job. Most importantly, it is vital to hire a professional contractor from the start. A contractor with credentials and the experience to perform a high-quality job will lower the risk of an unprofessional painting job.”

Top Telltale Signs of a Shoddy Painting Work

While it is not always possible to be sure of a poor quality painting job, there are certain telltale signs to look out for:

  • Air Holes: Tiny air hole on a wall that has just been painted is a sign of unprofessional painting work. The holes often result when a painter applies too few coats of paint. In most cases, the air holes pop and expose the wall over time. To avoid such situations, it is advisable to ensure that a painter applies more than one coat of paint and doesn’t resort to funny shortcuts.
  • Cracking or Peeling: Peeling or cracking is common in situations where a painter mixes the paint with 25%-50% water. This issue can be a bit tricky to detect as the paint will start to peel 1-2 months after the painting work.
  • Blisters: Blisters that appear on a painted wall immediately or the next day after application of fresh paint is another sign of poor painting job. Blisters appear if the paint was contaminated with dust or oil and they often dry, exposing a bare wall.

About Splash & Shine

Splash & Shine is a Toronto-based painting company that is focused on providing residential and commercial painting services in Toronto and its environs. From freshening up the external appearance of walls, updating colors of wall interiors to completely reinventing the image of homes and business premises, the company has qualified painters to do the job thoroughly and safely. They respect their customers’ time and money and always commit to completing all their projects on time and within the agreed budget.

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