Spirituality Advocate Writes Book on Essence of Spiritual Journey

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania – October 19, 2018 – Author T. A. Bowman is an author and a certified health and wellness counselor. The author is thrilled to announce the publication of her book entitled, “Simple Action for the Spiritual Journey.” Her masterpiece focuses on the importance of spirituality and self-help.

The author embarked on an exhilarating spiritual voyage at the early age of 15 years. She communicates her thoughts and emotions using poetry. The prolific poet and writer also recognize there is more to life than what most people see and hear every day. The book will also suit those interested in topics like self-help, family, relationships, health and wellness, life coaching, and leadership.

“I perceive an invisible connection with all forms of life on earth. “Human beings, animals, and nature share a relationship accessed through peaceful meditation, the serenity of mind, and inspiration,” says T. A. Bowman.

An individual’s spiritual journey is a personal path to discovering one’s true purpose in life. It is a good way of viewing the status, or better yet, the meaning of one’s life at any age. Meaningful change in a person’s spiritual journey is defined by the choices, hardships and ability to balance life and still find the Joy and Peace in everyday living, and not be stopped by the chaos created by Fear. A person’s spiritual journey requires a process of continuously asking questions, identifying and eliminating roadblocks and knowing peace and joy is the ultimate goal.

As a writer, T. A. Bowman loves to read books that enlighten the body, mind, and spirit. She is an exercise buff and incorporates walking and running to her everyday routine. The lady does not stop in looking for methods that encourage healthy eating patterns.

With these, T. A. Bowman practices meditation as an integral part of her long-term success. That includes creating an equilibrium between the body, mental faculty, and spirit.

Meditation provides the benefit of turning to one’s spirituality in searching for answers. People who meditate can cope effectively with loneliness and stress. This practice facilitates a connection with the person’s higher self and others. It eventually leads to happiness, compassion, and freedom from fear.

She makes use of natural leadership qualities in helping inspire other people to attain a fit as well as a balanced lifestyle.

For T. A. Bowman, discovering life’s meaning is among the major reasons why spirituality has become vital to most persons. It encourages them to make every effort towards becoming better human beings. Finally, spirituality helps an individual to explain purpose in life and attain fulfillment of personal needs.

Simple Action for the Spiritual Journey is meant to share meaningful stories. The book should motivate readers to take simple steps. They will realize peace, joy, and prosperity are achieved through a beneficial and balanced approach to life. The family stories may be passed down to younger generations as sources of inspiration.

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