Spirale, the World’s First Levitating Candleholder, Returns to Kickstarter

A new candleholder combines breakthrough technology with visual appeal.

Spirale, the revolutionary levitating candleholder that captured the world’s imagination in 2017, is returning to Kickstarter. With a commitment to innovation, Spirale is ready to redefine the art of candle display, showcasing the power of resilience in its second endeavor.

Showcasing a refined design that marries enchanting aesthetics with cutting-edge technology, Spirale has returned. After an initial foray into crowdfunding that garnered attention and support, Spirale’s renewed vision has a host of exciting enhancements:

The World’s First Levitating Perfume Diffuser: Spirale introduces an innovative twist to candleholders by offering the world’s first levitating perfume diffuser. This groundbreaking feature allows users to choose from three original fragrances – Sweet Orange, Himalayan Cedar, or Peppermint – to suit their mood and ambiance. The Sweet Orange fragrance infuses spaces with a refreshing burst of citrus energy, while Himalayan Cedar brings the calm of mountain forests. Peppermint offers a lively and energizing aroma for those seeking to invigorate their vibe.

Aesthetic Excellence: The new Spirale features a round base that seamlessly integrates the magic of levitation into its design, creating a captivating visual experience. This enhances the overall aesthetic appeal of the product, making it a valuable addition to any setting.

Enhanced Safety: Safety remains a top priority for the Spirale team. The latest version incorporates rigorous safety measures to ensure a worry-free user experience.

Premium Materials: The Spirale now incorporates special custom laser-cut acrylic, proudly made in the USA, to enhance durability and quality. This choice of sturdier materials ensures a longer-lasting and more resilient product.

Backed by the wisdom of a team of seasoned advisors boasting over 60 years of collective industrial experience, Spirale is well-positioned for success. These industry veterans provide strategic insights and expertise, pointing toward a bright future for the project.

Spirale represents a remarkable leap in candle display technology. Merging the elemental allure of fire with cutting-edge levitation, Spirale is set to redefine the candleholder category. The crowdfunding campaign, hosted on Kickstarter, aims to raise €10,000 to support production and delivery.

“Spirale is more than just a candle. It merges the elemental power of fire with cutting-edge levitation technology in a single product. Spirale is a testament to the adage that success often comes after setbacks. With determination and resilience, we’re proud to introduce the second iteration of this groundbreaking product.”

Spirale offers three unique variations to cater to diverse tastes and interior aesthetics:

Bamboo Edition: Ideal for a calming bedroom or a serene bathroom, this edition blends effortlessly with various home decors, offering a Zen-inspired look.

Silver Edition: Embodying a futuristic and technological aesthetic, the Silver Edition appeals to sci-fi enthusiasts and lovers of sleek silver chrome designs.

Copper Edition: Perfect for warm-toned interiors, this edition exudes warmth and elegance, beautifully reflecting the candlelight.

Collaborative workshops and meticulous prototyping ensure a seamless production process. The design and manufacturing of Spirale are proudly carried out in France.

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