Spider X1 Ultimate Modular All-In-1 Laser Engraver & Cutter Launched on Kickstarter

This laser engraver supports larger formats engraving & cutting with Y-Axis extendable & X-Axis expandable

Spider X1will be launched on May 9th on Kickstarter, the world’s first engraving machine that offers infinite work area that supports large and long engraving and cutting projects in an efficient and uninterrupted way. The price of 10W combo starts at $299, 20W combo at $539. Standardized and modular design, easy access to accessories for DIY upgrades. The campaign, which will go live at <https://reurl.cc/a1YebX>, and will follow another Kickstarter success story that the same company launched and had funded one year ago.

Spider X1 has an super longer Y-axis that is capable of engraving and cutting long formats models. This empowers creators to engrave and cut projects of any size, working infinitely along the Y-axis. The device’s expandable X-Axis also means that engraving super large format projects becomes finally easy and effective.

Unlike other large format cutting and engraving, Spider X1, assembly-free, the main unit requires no installation and is smaller in size, but can be continuously extended for X-axis, Y-axis.

This unique engraver has also three other highlights. A space-saving and assembly-free performance makes it easy to store, carry, and ready to use upon arrival for outstanding results. An Air Assist Interface that you can connect to the main unit, and Air Assist accessories that are designed to remove smoke and dust generated during laser engraving and cutting. A Leaner Rotary Laser Engraving uses a rotary extension kit with dimensions that do not require the support of the Y-axis frame, allowing for direct engraving and effectively reducing the space that a conventional device would otherwise take.

Spider X1 also offers Expandable Power through two laser module options that you can switch between to expand its capacity—using the 10W, or 20W options. Users will be able to explore four modes available to operate the laser engraver. Another essential characteristic of Spider X1 is that it has been made to grow and create with you. Its modularity and standardization design makes installation and material selection easy, enabling you to quickly upgrade and replace materials as needed.

In a nutshell, this means that both entry-level and professional users will find it easy and intuitive to use Spider X1 for their projects.

To prevent accidental engraving or cutting, Spider X1 is equipped with a color touch screen that allows users to view and control its operation—namely from a phone, through the device’s App. What’s more, it comes with WIFI interface, very convenient to use.

Other important characteristics would be the liftable laser head that allows users to adjust its height and focal length so that different models can be engraved and cut.

The Spider X1 Ultimate Laser Engraver & Cutter campaign on Kickstarter at <https://reurl.cc/a1YebX> is seeking to fund the large-scale production of the device, which will be offered early and for a special price to the backers who support the campaign.

About Spider Team

One year ago, with the critical support of Kickstarter backers, we successfully launched Spider-M1. Now we’re launching Spider X1: the ultimate laser engraver & cutter supports longer and larger work area, a tool that lets anyone unleash their imagination and creative possibilities. This embodies Spider’s commitment to keep developing state-of-the-art laser engraving and cutting devices.

For more information, please visit <https://reurl.cc/a1YebX> or contact at spiderx1@spider-laser.com

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