Spectracious emerges as a new trending international couple on TikTok & Instagram

The French-Bulgarian couple is making a decent amount of views in France, and the growth does not seem to stop.

Spectracious or still known as “The Honeys”, are the pseudonyms of a young couple of influencers on TikTok (Misha & Alex) who stand out on social media by their unprecedented originality. 

The young couple started posting videos on TikTok during their first quarantine in France, in March 2020. At first, it was fun for them: the two lovebirds were looking for a way to pass the time, to forget the routine of the quarantine, because boredom was great. 

After a few weeks, Misha and Alex finally decided to focus on social media as influencers. They are only partnering with the brands that represent them 100%.  

What they both learned from their daily posts is that hiding behind a mask on social media is absolutely not mandatory. They have made their accounts reliable proof. 

They are 100% natural and the millions of views speak for themselves. People naturally prefer to watch content shot “in the moment” than edited videos.

After more than a year and a half of daily posting, Spectracious has more than 1.5 million subscribers on TikTok and nothing seems to stop their rise. 

It was a real honor for them to promote the movie “I love America” on Amazon Prime Video. They did a whole communication on their different social media about this movie, which for them looks like their story. 

They gradually spread on Instagram and now have about 200,000 followers. The same goes for Snapchat, where they are certified.

Today Misha & Alex (aka Spectracious) do not intend to stop there and are still planning to publish one video a day. New projects await them and they are hoping that the community that follows them will continue to grow at this rate and be as fun as it is today.

Alex’s debut with his personal account Alex.dnz

Alex, whose real name is Alexis, loves doing pranks on Misha. He’s French and is used to making videos. Alex shares all the tricks he knows to break the TikTok algorithm. He is sharing his personal experience as a content creator. 

He does not hesitate to add some humor to everything he does. Moreover, he shares his experience as a speaker and is totally transparent about this job. 

So, at first, Alex tried to promote his clothing brand via TikTok. It did not work, nevertheless, he managed to get a lot of views and a great number of subscribers.

The beginnings of Misha with her personal account Misha.labulgare

Misha also has a professional account on TikTok under the name of Misha.labulgare. She is taking us on a trip to her native country: Bulgaria. Since Misha, whose real name is Mihaela is originally from Bulgaria, she arouses the curiosity of all the users.

Most of her videos refer to her native country, showing the cultural differences that exist in France. 

From the price difference to the typical dishes passing by the Bulgarian mentality, Misha has managed to capture the attention of the public. Her account contains many videos with more than a million views. (And some even have more than 8M+)

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