Spark N Fly: \”The 5 Pillars for Taking Control of Your Health\” By Isabelle Paquette

Are you suffering from ailments that cause you discomfort and pain? Do you feel concerned about some symptoms related to your health and those of your loved ones? If so, Author Isabelle Paquette, will explain in detail as she has articulated each page, with a real sense and almost urgency for the well-being of her readers, to take charge of their body’s health. The author Isabelle Paquette, is an osteopath and naturopath and her desire to help everyone become healthier led her to write this very helpful book. Along with teaching us the value of healthy habits, she also includes in her writing style, that which is informative beyond what is currently on the market, many formulas for becoming a better person head to toe. With a silent passion, Isabelle, will make you want to begin a healthy journey today. Her book also gives you lessons or real tips in etiquette, such as chewing each bite thirty times. Not only is that socially polite, but very essential for the digestive system.

When she talks about the digestive system in chapter 2, she explains the process and purpose for many of our organs, in order to help our body, achieve ultimate healthiness. When you have health issues, she explains what you need to do so that your body can better itself.

Often you will think about that big cookie you want, but she describes what you need to try, so you can avoid something you really don’t need, for the sake of your health. You are what you digest. The number of people in the world that are overweight is very disturbing. The health system appears to address patients when they become ill but it fails to guide us on how to have healthier bodies and diets with proper nutrition, so that our weight is kept under control. By eating healthier you will have more energy to do those things you want to do.

Instead of worrying about counting calories and carbs, it is better to monitor the Glycemic Index of your food to attain your desired weight and best health. The lower the Glycemic Index (GI) is for the food you eat, best with a GI of less than 55 the better off you will be. She explains that if starting out your day with a lower GI count, you will tend to consume less calories during the day.

Interestingly, as I read this informative book, I find that Isabelle Paquette, has masterfully written factual information which captures different readers in areas that speak to them. I found one that speaks to millions of people as she explains in chapter 5, the importance of sleep. Many of us suffer at times with sleep deprivation and our doctors usually prescribe melatonin, but really never go into depth about the reasons. You will find that reading Spark N Fly: The 5 Pillars for Taking Control of Your Health has shared in depth the reasons that you need to understand. Within this book, Isabelle explains: Melatonin: A RESTORATIVE HORMONE That You Need, and you may be surprised at what you too will learn

While this is one example of her exemplary writing, every chapter walks you through the importance of keeping your body healthy. Isabelle, explains the importance of supplements and nutrients, and how they are not all created equal, found in chapter 1 and is very enlightening. I picked up a brand name of a multi-vitamin off the shelf that is well known, but now I understand I need to do some research to find out if this vitamin is the quality that I think it is. Even in todays’ food market, many of our fresh foods on the shelves were picked before they were ripened and have lost their many natural nutrients, and have therefore, created the necessity of taking a good quality supplement/vitamin.

In Chapter 7, Author Isabelle Paquette, in her book Spark N Fly: The 5 Pillars for Taking Control of Your Health, talks about how the process of Positive Thinking can help you attain a more positive lifestyle, and why to avoid negative thinking. She also explains her Wheel of Balance which uses her 5 Pillars for Taking Control of Your Health and to achieve your goals in life.

There are many more points in this great book that can help you achieve your goals, if you work on your life through her recommendations to achieve balance. Reading this book and following her advice will help you live a healthier and more enjoyable life.

The vision of her book is to create an epidemic of healthy people worldwide, pick up a copy and visit her incredibly informative website at:

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