Spa Parts Experts Delivers a Power-Packed Combo of Premium Quality and Affordable Heater Assembly Parts

The company is filling the market with the right products and adequate customer support so as to be the preferred spare parts vendor of choice

A visit to the spa often checks off several individuals’ mental lists of self-care activities. For an extra touch, several spa owners have discovered the immense satisfaction derived from hot water spas, using a spa heater assembly, as this method requires a shorter time for heating. Thus, spa heater assemblies must be purchased from reputable sources to ensure maximum value for the money spent. Spa Parts Experts is a company renowned for avoiding price compromises when it comes to the quality of its products.

Spa Parts Experts is a spa part or hot tub part company on a quest to find and distribute high-quality parts to its global clientele. The business is on a mission to provide new replacement parts and refurbished components at competitive pricing. Air blowers, control panels, spa jets, and heaters are some of the classes of products available in its online store.

The company boasts a rich variety of high-quality heater assembly parts that are durable and affordable. Spa Parts Experts Item 58303 is the classic Balboa Heater assembly powered at 4.0 kw, an M7 BP, alongside a sensor and clip. The Flo-thru Spa heater assembly is made of durable stainless steel, dual sensors, and impeccable quality that operates at 120V or 220V. Some of the extra features of Item 58303 include:

  • Stainless steel heater housing
  • 5kw Incoloy Flo-Thru heater element
  • Balboa® OEM M7 dual sensors
  • 16 inches BP heater cable
  • Two split nuts, gaskets, plastic tailpieces, and two sensors (12″ long)

The 58306 Balboa 5.5KW,M7 BP Heater Assembly with a sensor and clip is recognized for its low cost and mounting studs, with the characteristic high quality. Some of its outstanding features also include:

  • Two split nuts
  • Sensors
  • Tailpieces 
  • Gaskets
  • Heater cables as a replacement for copper straps

The Spa Parts Experts Jacuzzi/Sundance is a stainless-steel low-flow heater assembly with a titanium heater element. The 6500-402 heater assembly can be used in the following Sundance model spas; the 2011 plus Constance and Victoria, the 2008 plus 680 Burlington, Hartford, and Hawthorne equipped with a circulation pump, and the 2007 plus 680 Hartford and Hawthorne equipped with a circulation pump spas to mention a few.

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Spa Parts Experts is a business that sells hot tub parts also known as spa parts. The company was created after the founders discovered that customers continued to purchase spare parts from retailers that were not in good condition, received little support, or had no warranty.

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