Southern Arizona Urgent Care Is Set to Open Their Fifth Location in Tucson

TUCSON, AZ– Dr. David Skinner, MD, PhD, MBA, has redefined the standard of outpatient medicine by energizing Southern Arizona Urgent Care (SAUC) to becoming the fastest growing urgent care facility in southern Arizona.

As a fresh 2008 graduate of Arizona State University’s MBA program, Dr. Skinner dove straight into the business of healthcare. Staying local, Dr. Skinner founded a pain clinic to help individuals with unrelenting pain better manage their chronic conditions. By doing this, he grasped the synergistic importance of caregivers committed to healing and of establishing sustainable business models to serve his community.

With his business background, Dr. Skinner was able to observe the world of the healthcare system from a new mindset. “I found that there was no continuum of care between the hospital and the neighborhoods where the patients lived,” he says. “Too many patients were being lost to follow-up and patients were seeking haven in the emergency room instead of their local communities.” With a new vision in mind, Dr. Skinner wanted patient healthcare to be a system that prioritized both the patient and emphasized a holistic experience. It was this vision that motivated Dr. Skinner to found Southern Arizona Urgent Care during his second year of medical school.

“I wanted to bridge the gap between emergency and preventative care, while still creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. I wanted my patients to trust me and feel comfortable around me and others that I work with. By building good relationships and making people comfortable I hoped it would keep them coming to our door.” –Dr. David Skinner, Founder

Dr. Skinner’s dream of accessible healthcare of the highest quality began to take shape just after a few years. SAUC had the ability to offer a number of important patient services, including worker’s compensation evaluations, in-house radiology, in-house laboratory, in-house medications, routine vaccinations, and of course the means to treat almost everything else that might bring one into the doctor’s office. With his vision finally coming to fruition, Dr. Skinner completed his Internship in Neurology and transitioned out of residency to fully focus his efforts on improving community access to caring providers through the SAUC model of care.

Making the move back into the business world is what helped make Dr. Skinner’s vision of the complete healthcare experience come to life. “SAUC now has four locations in Tucson, Marana, and Oro Valley,” says Dr. Skinner. “Locals and other people from a variety of areas receive quick and convenient healthcare when they need it.” Dr. Skinner is set to have a network of 12 SAUC locations in Tucson by the end of 2017, thus achieving his goal of serving the healthcare needs of his entire community through sustainable, community-oriented business.

Southern Arizona Urgent Care PLUS exists to provide a “one-of-a-kind” healthcare experience to every person who walks through our doors. This “all-inclusive” urgent care concept and design will assure each individual receives an accurate diagnosis and resolution to their concerns in the most effective and efficient way possible. Visit to learn more.

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