Southard Med Spa in Tulsa, OK Is Launching Several New Anti-Aging Treatments

Southard Med Spa in Tulsa, OK Is Launching Several New Anti-Aging Treatments

Southard Med Spa is Tulsa’s leading aesthetic medicine practice.
Southard Med Spa in Tulsa, Oklahoma is pleased to announce the launch of several new anti-aging treatments. Since opening in 2011, Southard Med Spa has been in a local leader in the medical spa industry and a proponent of science-based anti-aging therapies.

Southard Med Spa in Tulsa, OK is pleased to announce the addition of two new anti-aging injectables to their lineup of aesthetic medicine procedures. As more and more people begin to seek out medical spas for anti-aging services, providers have been called to meet their demands with more affordable treatment options.

One of the most popular treatments available at Southard Med Spa has been Botox®. However, many people are starting to seek out similar products. This is why Southard Med Spa is now offering Xeomin® and Dysport®. 

Xeomin is a product like Botox that reduces fine lines around expression – mainly around the eyes, forehead, and between the eyes and Dysport is one of our personal favorites, Dysport also reduces expression lines around the same areas, but has a wonderful effect on “crows feet” around the eyes. Dysport has a strong customer loyalty program that Southard Med Spa can assist you in using.

Products like Botox relax muscles that cause wrinkles. “Think of a piece of paper that gets folded over and over until a crease forms. If you stop folding the paper eventually the crease becomes less pronounced. The same thing happens to your skin where expression lines cause creases. You will typically notice a significant difference soon after your first treatment, but the effects can be increased over multiple treatments,” said Barbara Southard, owner of Southard Med Spa.

Southard Med Spa is owned by Barbara Southard, MSN, ARNP, Certified Nurse Injector. Barbara and her husband, Dr. Wrany Southard have been operating their Tulsa Med Spa since 2011. 

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