Soul CBD Celebrates The Passage Of The Farm Bill And Increased Regulation On CBD Quality With 15% Off

The most recent passage of the Farm Bill is a huge step forward for the quality and reliability of the CBD industry. In celebration of this, Soul CBD is offering 15% off of all products on 12/26/18.

The Farm Bill is an enormous piece of legislation that relays U.S. government agricultural and food policy for the country and is renewed roughly every five years. The most recent passage is significant for many reasons. It provides much needed certainty for farmers through improved conservation aid and funding for trade promotion programs, along with so many other elements critical to protecting our farmers and farmed goods.

Most significantly for the CBD industry, this passage of the Farm Bill places industrial hemp under the supervision of the Department of Agriculture. Thus, Hemp will now be managed as a crop, whereas, the previous Farm Bill managed industrial hemp as a substance, managed by the Justice Department as a substance. This passage additionally preserved the Food and Drug Administration’s authority to regulate products containing cannabis or cannabis compounds.

The effect of these modifications are monumental for the CBD industry on multiple levels, but most importantly, further regulating the CBD industry is a way of dedicating resources toward consumer safety. CBD products in today’s market vary greatly—in part because it is such a new industry, and in part because it is not highly regulated, which leaves quality in the hands of the company. More regulation means that more CBD companies in the market will be held to a higher standard. This is what Soul CBD wants to celebrate.

Soul CBD was founded by a world ranked athlete and a wellness expert, with consumer safety in mind. Soul was born because of the inconsistency and unreliability of the market, and Soul’s top priority has always been to create a line of CBD products that are unparalleled in purity and quality. Soul believes that all companies should be held to this standard, and the most recent passage of the Farm Bill is a step in that direction. In celebration of this, Soul CBD is offering 15% off of all products on 12/26/18.

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